Friday, 30 January 2015

Mr Fix it All

The kitchen tap is leaking for the past week and it’s driving the maid crazy. The milk cooker’s handle is shaky and the wife is getting very angry. The bathroom door of your parent’s bedroom has a faulty bolt and you’re being accused of negligence. Your son’s toy car has a missing tire and he’s hoping his hero ‘Mr. Fix It All’ will set it right quickly.

You've made several calls to the plumber and he’s always just coming in 10 minutes. The carpenter’s phone is being answered by a voice you cannot comprehend. The milk cooker’s screw is rusty and needs the right screwdriver. The bathroom bolt needs a small tweak which needs a nose plier. And you are losing your image as Mr. Invincible in your little boy's eyes. 

Time you get the right tools. These are days where you are short pressed for time and the right resources are almost impossible to get when you need them, particularly for those small jobs. In fact you could easily address most of these jobs only if you have the right set of tools. Black & Decker has a range of tools that do it all - screwdriver sets, wrenches, pliers, keys, power tools and more. Just create an ensemble of the tools you need and save time, money, not to mention your ego!

With a Black & Decker range of tools, there’ll be nothing you can’t fix. Your family will be happy and that’ll make you happy. For more details about Black & Decker products you can connect with us on Facebook or visit our website at

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A 'Do It Yourself' Habit

A home is always ‘work-in-progress’ - an organic ecosystem where things are in a state of flux. Devices need to be fixed, accessories need installation, appliances need repair, and things in general need to be maintained or replaced. There was a time when there were handymen who could be summoned on a call but these days, it is quite a thing to get an efficient resource that is reliable, not to mention affordable (as they often charge exorbitant rates these days for small servicing, even if they come on time). 
This means things that need immediate attention don’t get it or you need to just Do It Yourself (DIY) or face the consequences of not addressing it (which you know can be very unpleasant!).

DIY has been a well-established concept in the west for several decades - with shortage and high costs of labour, self-reliance, ease of addressing things at one’s own time and pace, the pleasure of doing things or a combination of it all contributing to the trend. This has resulted in a strong DIY culture across several areas - electrical, automotive, electronics, furniture with kits available to create toys, furniture, electrical/electronic gadgets, gizmos and appliances.

Imagine the pride of being able to fix something on your own. Imagine the awe you could evoke in your child and the admiration you could receive from your wife (which is possibly not very often as you know). Imagine the satisfaction you get from fixing it and the opportunity to impress your friends by talking about the tools, parts, and technology behind it. Imagine how you could get even with your friends by advising them to fix things on their own in the presence of their better halves!

 The opportunities are of course endless. But, but… before all this happens, you do need an excellent set of tools. Fortunately Black & Decker is a world leader in the DIY tool segment and offers the widest range of tools for a variety of applications. Just choose a kit depending on your aptitude or visit our site for more details. Happy fixing!