Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Top 5 essential house cleaning tools and gadgets - Black & Decker

The corporations of different cities like Bangalore and Delhi are trying to get the city cleaned up in time for the festival season. Diwali is nearly around the corner, and as we are all getting set to do an intensive spring cleaning of our homes in preparation, let’s stop and consider if we have all the essential cleaning tools that we would need. Here are some reasons, along with some useful cleaning tips:

Vacuum cleaner: This is one of the first cleaning gadgets you should invest in. Depending on the space you need to clean, you can decide on the type of vacuum cleaner you might need. There is a range of them available, from upright and heavy duty ones, to lighter and battery operated ones.

Steam mop: While a normal mop can also be quite efficient, there is nothing like a steam mop to clean the floors along with killing harmful bacteria. All this can be achieved with no harmful or strong smelling additives, and depending on the mop you will also get some intelligence built into it that helps you in making cleaning choices.

Dusting needs: Dusting can seem like an overwhelming task if you don’t have the right tools for it. With an efficient dusting cloth such as a microfiber one, as well as dusting mitts kept at convenient locations, you will find it a much easier task. This is one activity that needs to be scheduled regularly and not just for spring-cleaning times like this.

Wiping cloths: Surfaces like kitchen slabs or tabletops need stronger cleaning which is only achieved by good scrubbing pads. These also tend to start smelling very soon due to food waste cleaning, so make sure they are washed regularly an kept ready for whenever necessary.

 Multipurpose brushes: Cleaning tiles or the carpets, each needs a slightly different type of brush, so make sure to keep a set of them handy before entering into any elaborate cleaning exercise. Don’t forget to clean them after you’re done, and store them in an airy place once dry.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why is DIY the way forward? - Black & Decker

While reading this article about some great DIY ideas for the weekend, it occurred to me how easy and approachable most of the mentioned ideas were. There was a point of time a few years ago, when figuring out and setting up something by ourselves was a forbidding idea, but in recent times DIY (Do It Yourself) has become a more common trend. Let’s have a short look as to why this is the case:

Learn new things: A DIY project can be a very interesting window into trying a lot of new things. From teaching kids to make their own bookmarks or calendars, to learning to fix that wobbly stool – there’s a wealth of stuff out there that we haven’t done ourselves just because we haven’t tried it yet.

Save cash: We all know how expensive it can be to get a plumber or service person home, and DIY makes it so much easier for us to save that amount so that we can spend it on something special that we really wanted. You might feel there is an initial investment when you need to buy those essential tools, but in the long run, you will still save on multiple service visits by the plumber or repairman.

Get stuff done early: Have you ever waited for days for that service person to land up to look at something – if so you know what I am talking about. This way your time is completely in your hands, and you can finish up that repair yourself as early as you want to.

Improves confidence: When you fix your first leaky faucet, your first thought is sure to be “Wow! Was it really that easy?”. No more procrastinating around the house because of an easy problem seeming to be so forbidding – and even if it comes to a point of calling someone over for complicated repairs, you’ll now exactly what’s in the inside of that pipe, which gives you so much more confidence.

Reduces dependence: You will feel so empowered once you start DIY tasks around the house, for the simple reason that you don’t need to wait on anybody else to take charge of your house.

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Friday, 26 October 2012

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner - Black & Decker

Have you seen the article about the gold-plated vacuum cleaner aimed at affluent people who still do their own cleaning? That’s definitely not a feasible choice for most of us, so when it comes to the question of which vacuum cleaner we need to buy for our needs, it needs a lot more thought and discussion. Here are some points you should keep in mind when going to choose your new vacuum cleaner:

Cleaning needs: If you have a larger living space, and need a lot of extensive floor cleaning, then a big heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that also comes with a lot of attachments for cleaning nooks and corners might be the best vacuum cleaner for you. When looking at smaller spaces, and for cleaning areas like cars or blinds, a compact and handheld vacuum cleaner would be ideal.

Wired/wireless: While this also relates to the previous point, as larger vacuum cleaners are usually also the wired ones, it can also be a minor decision point. I have heard of people complaining that the long vacuum wire is a hassle, and in such cases going for a battery operated vacuum cleaner solves the problem.

Special needs: In case your house has a lot of carpeted area, you should ask specifically about a vacuum that works well on carpets. Another example may be someone who has pets and needs an effective vacuum to easily clean up pet hair. Make sure to discuss with the salesman and get all doubts cleared before deciding.

Price range: If you have a budget in mind, then start looking around in the price range you would like to begin with. Only if you don’t find something appropriate, you can rethink your budget and slowly start moving towards slightly more expensive models.

Ease of use: An upright vacuum cleaner might be a bit heavier, but due to the wheels even a senior citizen may be able to use it without much trouble. In such cases, the person who is going to be the primary user of the machine should visit the showroom personally and try out the appliance before making a final decision.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Do you share the chores at home with your wife? - Black & Decker

We all love to debate on the age old topic of how the woman in the house is burdened with the never ending household chores while the man gets to put up his feet once he is back from work.

The general bone of contention is that the ambiguous work specifications that are associated with a home. There is never a definite demarcation of what exactly entails the key responsibilities of a home-maker or even for that matter the lady of the house.

The equal footing of genders has somehow not quite seeped within the four-walls of a majority of households where the woman is primarily responsible to keep a home up and running. The man generally gets away being just the bread-winner even if the woman is also an earning member.

This has sparked off resentful debates on the part of the women who largely shoulder most of the work done around the house, of not having the luxury to relax while the man in question takes over.  However, this article throws a completely different light on this subject with its findings.

The crux of the article is that with couples, where the women are finicky about how the things get done, there could be general dissatisfaction and unhappiness over sharing work that is considered to be their domain of expertise.  This dissatisfaction could spell disturbances in their relationship too.

While this debate can go on endlessly, this is surely an interesting insight into this multi-layered, multi-dimensional topic of debate, which must be quite welcome by the men fraternity.

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Friday, 19 October 2012

How to keep your home allergen-free - Black & Decker

Dust mite, pet dander, pollen, cockroach droppings, mould, etc that enter our home can prove annoying for those who are allergic to these.

One can follow a few easy tips to minimize these allergy-producing conditions and enjoy a healthier life indoors.

Use a damp cloth to clean surfaces

Dusting furniture can kick up the dust particles into the air, causing a bout of sneezing. Using a damp cloth or dust-attracting swab to clean furniture surfaces is more effective.

Vacuum cleaning

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean rugs and carpets and the furniture upholstery. Sometimes, even a vacuum cleaner can throw up dust, so be sure to use one with a HEPA filter.

Avoid pet dander

Dead flakes from your furry pet can cause allergy hence it is important to vacuum floor surfaces and carpet regularly to get rid of the pet dander. Keep your pet clean and vaccinated at all times.

Wash bed linens

Dust mites gather around the bed linens, hence regular washing of the bed covers, pillow and cushion covers is recommended.

Use of natural cleaning products

Chemical cleaning agents can spark off allergic reaction in some people. Natural cleaning agents like baking soda, vinegar and lemon can be used as effective and safe alternatives. Eco-friendly natural cleaning products that are available in market these days offer better solution.

De-humidifying wet and damp areas

Wet and damp areas like the bathroom collect mould and mildew. Keeping the exhaust-fan on after a shower, cleaning the wet surface with diluted bleach, washing the shower curtains regularly can help the fight against these allergens.  Using tiles instead of wallpaper reduces the chances of mould or fungus gathering.

Beware of the pollen

Pollen in the air is a major cause of allergy for many people. By avoiding going near the plants during dusk, changing clothes once indoors can help reduce the exposure to pollen. 


Keeping the house pest-free

Regular pest-control around the house needs to be done to get rid of pests like cockroach and other insects. One can avail of the herbal pesticides to decrease the usage of chemicals within the house too.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Why should you switch to a steam mop? - Black & Decker

Did you read the interesting account of a mom from Alberta who went on a strike to make her children understand the importance of doing their chores? As expected, the kids would have been surrounded by quite a lot of chaos before getting the message. Are there times you feel like cleaning your home is such a big chore, that you would rather go on strike? One way to make your task easier is to pick up an appliance like a steam mop that helps keep your floors clean in a much easier manner.

Ease of use: The ideal steam mop is much easier to use than a conventional floor mop, as there is no need to lug along a water storage bucket, or to dip the mop and squeeze out excess water from time to time. You can just fill water in the required compartment, wait for it to heat up and start using; and then use continuously depending on the capacity of the mop. It requires a lot less bending and stretching than other methods of cleaning and is comfortable to use even for senior citizens. The existence of a swivel head makes it possible to clean out the difficult to reach corners too.

Chemical free: It is very difficult to get a clean floor without using any chemical additives, and we all know how strong smelling and unhealthy some of these can be. Using the right steam mop makes it possible to clean even spots or messes using just tap water and the high temperature even kills most germs making your home a healthy environment for you and your family. 

Modes of use: Another great feature to have is for your mop to have smartness built into it too. Depending on the type of floor you have, you can just choose the required setting and the mop will release the required amount of steam needed to clean your floor. This saves a lot of effort of worrying about the gradation or how strong the steam is, and using it in different areas of your house where you might have different flooring such as wood becomes a breeze.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

5 Great Eco-friendly Cleaning Options for your Home - Black & Decker

A recent article in the Times of India paints a scary picture of the chemicals around our home. Are you one of those people who are tired of all the strong smelling chemical formulations available in the market for cleaning your homes? Here are some simple cleaning solutions that can help keep our home and environment chemical-free:

Baking soda: This is one of the most versatile and simple home cleaning products you can find, and can be used for a variety of things from cleaning your stove-top to removing smells from your refrigerator. Try it with a combination of other eco friendly ingredients like vinegar to remove stains from literally anything.

Vinegar: Did you know that keeping your vegetables and fruits soaked for a few minutes in a water and vinegar solution is a good way to rid them of pesticide residues, and can even help remove the waxy coating that has become a standard feature of today’s apples? Used in combination with baking soda, it is a very effective household cleaner that can even be used to clean your toilet bowls.

Lime/Lemon: It’s acidic content makes it a good cleaning agent, as well as a good disinfectant. A combination of olive oil and lemon juice can even be used as a homemade wood polish. See this simple recipe here and give it a try.

Plants: Keeping houseplants is a great way to clean up the atmosphere of the room as they help by providing oxygen as well as to reduce bad odours. Here’s a great list of plants that you can try growing indoors.

Hot water: From cleaning your pans to swabbing your floor, hot water can replace a lot of chemical home cleaners very effectively, with just a little help from vinegar and baking soda for stains. You can add a drop of natural oils like citronella to help with the mosquito menace as well as for that little bit of fragrance if you like it.

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Monday, 8 October 2012

How to make your home visitor-ready in half an hour- Black & Decker

It is great to hear news like this, where locals and tourists work together to keep the area clean. When it comes to our homes however, you mostly need to do most of the house cleaning by yourself. It may have happened even to the best housekeepers, that you hear about a friend or a business associate dropping in at short notice, and you need to get things looking squeaky clean in a short period of time. Here are some cleaning tips by which you can achieve a lot in just half an hour:

Identify the zones: The first task is to look around and figure out which areas are the ones causing the space to look cluttered or messy. One of the biggest culprits may be that coffee or center table which gathers magazines and newspapers that can turn into piles very soon.

Take 5 minutes at a time: Attack each problem area, taking not more than 5 minutes for each of them. You will be surprised once clutter like magazines is put away how much easier it is to identify what really needs to be done. The center table can look as good as new with just a good wipe once the paper clutter has been cleared up.
Quick dusting and vacuuming:For surfaces with a lot of dust, make sure to do a final wipe. Then, use a handheld vacuum cleaner and clean all the areas like sofas and blinds where dust may have got accumulated and cannot be cleaned by wiping. Try to fit in a quick carpet cleaning too if possible.

Final step – mop floors: This needs to be done at the very end so that any dust that might have fallen onto the floor while cleaning the other surfaces can now be taken care of. Using an apparatus such as steam mop can make this task a lot faster, as the entire floor can be cleaned in just a few effective swipes.

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