Thursday, 31 December 2015

5 last minute DIY New Year gifts to present to your loved ones

So a brand new year has finally greeted us all and celebrations are on in full swing!

But wait, why is the frown showing in your forehead? We get it! Jumbled up with last minute gifts hunt to give to your near and dear ones? Thankfully, the world of DIY has pretty much all the solutions to everything!

So here we are with a quick guide to help you with some last minute DIY gifts to present to your loved ones. Since you are running short of time anyway, let’s get started right away—

1.       Tea wreath

source: popsugar

If your friend or family member is a tea love, then what better and more artistic than creating a special tea wreath for the person, that too in a super easy way! Here’s a quick tutorial to help you make one--

1.       Scented coffee filter sachets

source: popsugar

Almost everyone under the blue sky is a coffee lover. And if your loved one too falls under the category of that “almost everyone,” then this is the easiest and the best New Year DIY gift to present him with! Here’s the tutorial--

1.       Cookie ingredient gift bag

source: popsugar

Festive gifts are all about colors, glitters and fun elements! Hence, this one is the easiest yet the funkiest New Year DIY gift you can give it a close one! Put together some ingredients of a delicacy with the recipe and deck it up in an interestingly festive way, and you are all done! Here’s the guide--

1.       Burlap frame

source: allthumbscraft

A photo frame never gets old, as memories are always there to stay! This DIY gift is a perfect one for the New Year’s with minimum requisites but maximum happiness guaranteed for your loved one! Here’s the tutorial for you--

1.       Button bracelet

source: popsugar

This one makes the perfect choice for a New Year’s DIY present for your best friend! Some buttons, baubles and string is all you need to make this cute, easy, and unique gift for the New Year! Here’s the tutorial--

What are you gifting this New Year?

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Sunday, 27 December 2015

3 yummy DIY Christmas delicacies to try today

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas time!

Last week we explored some of the trendiest yet easiest DIY Christmas gifts for this festive season, and in this release, it’s time to explore one of the best aspects of every festival—FOOD!

You read it right! What’s a festival and celebration without some yum delicacies? So without much ado, here are three mouth watering Christmas special dishes for every foodie out there—

1.      Chocolate raisin and oatmeal cookie mix

source: putitinjar

The mix and match trend is not just limited to the fashion world you see, in the whole wide world of food and foodies too, the concept of mix and match works wonders! A complete delight for sweet lovers, this is not just easy but also extremely fun to make! For help with the right ingredients, visit

1.      Ice cream sundae kit of wonders

source: typepad

If you are looking forward to gifting a foodie pack to your loved one this Christmas, there can’t be anything better than an Ice cream sundae kit with items that take any chocolate and sweet lover to wonderland. Fill up the kit with waffle cones, choco chips, cute jars with caramels, nuts, you can add tiny bags of raisins and finally put loads of sprinkles and bingo! It’s all done!

1.       A jar full of toffee blondies

source: bhg

For chocolate lovers, this is simply a jar full of happiness! It’s easy to make and totally a perfect choice to bring a smile on the face of your loved one! For the recipe, visit

What are you cooking this Christmas?

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Friday, 4 December 2015

5 cool DIY projects to improve your home

For everybody, their home sweet home is always special. It is the place that you don’t just call your very own, but also feel most comfortable in, and on that note, what better way to put your creative mind and DIY skills to use other than decorating and improving your home?

So in this week’s release, we give you five DIY projects to enhance your homes—

1      A family tree wall décor

source: pinterest

Family is the most important thing in one’s life and it is what makes a home what it is. Follow this simply tutorial to create a personalized family tree for the walls of your living room or dining area and let it reflect all the beautiful moments of togetherness and love.

    Flower vases 

source: pinterest

Flowers always instill positive vibes in a home. In order to make flower vases like the ones above, all you need is wine bottles, some paint and twine. Click for the tutorial.

1       Guitar book shelf

source: recyclart

This is the most creative prospect for book lovers to showcase their DIY skills for something that they love immensely—books! Use your old guitar to build your brand new book shelf! For a step by step guide, visit

       Chandelier lights with tree branch

source: designboom

This one is the true definition of getting the best out of the waste, with some creative DIY hands. Use an old tree branch to build a brand new chandelier with lights and bulbs and decorate your dining space or living room. Visit for the tutorial.

       Bulletin board
source: huffington post

Decorate your bedroom wall with a customized bulletin board, featuring memories with friends, family, as well as to-do list to keep a track of your everyday routine. Visit for tutorial.

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Friday, 27 November 2015

5 DIY hacks to give you more time in the mornings

For a majority, waking up early in the morning and doing the routine chores turn out to be a big nightmare, even more ironically since the nights don’t bother them as much as the way the anxiousness of tedious mornings do.

So in this release, we bring you five important DIY hacks that will help you handle mornings better and have more time when you wake up—

1.       Try getting a coffee maker with a timer setting

source: amazon

It’s great if you can invest in a coffee maker that has a timer feature in it, since the auto brew setting will help you have your coffee all hot and good the next morning when you need it.

1.       Try sleeping in your workout dress

source: prevention

If you are a fitness freak or working out in the morning is a part of your daily routine, it is wiser to go to bed at night wearing your workout outfit, since this will help in saving time in the morning where you don’t have to spend time getting ready in your exercise clothes.

1.       Try preparing your breakfast the previous night

source: scarymommy

Preparing meals in the morning can really be time consuming and make your routine more tedious. It is wise to prepare your breakfast the previous night so that you don’t have to invest time in ingredient hunting and cooking the next morning.

1.       Make sure all your essentials are kept in your office bag

source: dailymail

Since everyone is in haste during mornings, it is common to forget things or misplace it, which leads to further rush and panic. So it is always better to keep all your necessary items like files, license, documents safely in your office bag the previous night to avoid a fiasco in the morning.

1.       Keep your gadgets turned off


It’s pretty common to wake up and look into your phone first thing in the morning. While it is quite a habit in the present generation, the downside is pretty obvious: you end up being engrossed in your gadget, replying to messages, browsing through people’s social media accounts, so much that you end up messing up your time management resolutions. So the best thing to do is keep your gadgets turned off, so that they don’t consume much time from you in the morning.

Have some interesting DIY hacks to manage time in the morning?

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Monday, 26 October 2015

5 DIY projects for your beloved pets

Our pets fill our lives with immense joy and positivity. Be it after a stressful day at work or a busy bee routine for the week, our pets are always there to not just relieve us from stress but also show us that someone cares. So in return, we can do something for these bundles of joy too.

In this week’s release, we are going to see five simple DIY projects that we can create to reciprocate the love and affection to your pets.

1.       Pallet dog bed

source: iheartdogs

Transform your old pallet into a brand new bed for your dog or cat. The concept is pretty simple, which would require you simple ingredients like an old pallet, measuring tape, fabric and other stuff like paint and zippers to showcase your favorite kind of art on your dog’s cot.
For a step by step tutorial, click

2.       Suitcase bed for your cat

source: vetcall

How amazing it is to have a perfect and cozy bed for your beautiful fluffy cat made out of your old suitcase? Well, this simple DIY tutorial will tell you how.

3.       Feeding station for your pet

source: etsy

You enjoy your delicious food at the dining table; how about making a perfect dining station for your pet as well? Click on this simple tutorial to learn how to do it-

4.       Cute fabric teepee

source: fudgeandjoy

Pets love to spend time with you outdoors and hence, the best gift you can give your pets is by creating a cute fabric teepee to make their outdoor moments fun and memorable with you. Follow this easy step by step guide to create one yourself—

5.       Homemade organic shampoo

source: seespotbake

If you believe in avoiding the chemical decked shampoos in the market and sticking to organic and herbal stuff, then why not create some organic stuff for your pets as well? This easy guide to make home made shampoo for your furry buddy is not just easy but also great for its health—

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Friday, 16 October 2015

DIY projects for people clueless about DIY

The world is flooding with DIY art and for some reason, even you want to try your hand at it; either because you have a knack of self created art or you just want to give it a try and be a part of the happy and proud DIY bandwagon. Well, you may not have a clue about how to approach it, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in one day!

So this week we show you some DIY projects that are apt for beginners, especially those who aren’t that well versed with art but have extreme potential in terms of creativity. And right before we start, always remember, you may not get it at the first go, but it’s only practice that’s going to make you perfect!

1.       Sparkling glittery pumps

If you don’t have matching red sparkling pumps with that gorgeous prom dress, not to worry. As glitters, fabric glue and a pair of old pumps are all it takes to create a brand new pair of glittery pumps. Here’s an easy tutorial to help you out—

source: pinterest

2.       Designed sharpie mugs

You might not be great with designing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little artistic with a sharpie. From dotted patterns to abstracts, you can create your self-designed sharpie mugs with just mugs, sharpie and an oven, and gift them to your loved ones. Here’s how to do it:

source: pinterest

3.       Wall photo collage

Memories are the best thing that you can gift someone and it turns even better when you can compile a bunch of memorable moments and gift it your near and dear ones in the form of photo collages. Here’s the tutorial for you:

source: brit

4.       Chic style sneakers

If you are bored with your old, conventional sneakers, time to give it a designer revamp. You can follow this easy guide to flaunt those awesome chic style DIY sneakers:

source: diy-enthusiasts

5.       Bowler hat lamp shades

Creative, stylish and easy—this DIY project certainly gives you ample room to create some fancy home décor yourself. Bowler hats, bulb holder, cable and scissors are all you need to go ahead with this one. Find out how, here:

source: pinterest

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Friday, 9 October 2015

5 DIY projects that you can finish off in just 5 minutes

You love creativity and the world of DIY, but time constraints can be such a wicked thing, hampering your knack of creating things, and hence, in this week’s release we show you five DIY projects that you can start and finish off in just five minutes.

      Fancy candles with duct tapes

Candles are your answer not just to avoid darkness but also for being an amazing item for home decors. Well, how wonderful would it be if you could transform those conventional white candles into sparkling fancy ones? Well, with this simple yet stunning DIY project, you can actually do it, that too in just five minutes! The requisites, you may ask? Nothing much, just some colored duct tapes.

source: Buzzfeed

For a step by step guide, click

      Ink bloated napkins

Time to get the little artist in you come out! With just some fabrics and acrylic paint, you can finally turn your painting dreams into a living reality and also give your creations as gifts to your loved ones!

Source: papernstitch

For a step by step guide, visit

      Leather key chains

Key chains are always a good to go gift for everybody. Be it your friend, mother or yourself. The gift becomes all the more special when you make it all by yourself, that too real quick. With this DIY project, you embrace your creativity and hey, those keys are all safe and secure!

Source: fynesdesigns

To know more about how to create these, visit

      Vintage button bookmarks

Vintage is always classy and bookmarks are always essential. Combine both of them in your creative sphere and voila! You have your amazing set of vintage button bookmarks to help you never lose track of pages of your favourite novel and at the same time enhance your creative skills.

source:  craftgawker

For a step by step direction guide, visit

      Wooden stencil coasters

Use your creativity blending it with some spray paint and stencil to transform those conventional wooden coasters into fancy ones and give your dining table items a perfect brand new look!

Source: pixel

To get a step by step guide for this, click

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Friday, 18 September 2015

5 DIY projects that you can finish off in a weekend

There are plenty of people in the world who are driven by doing projects on their own. Their knack of creating things is accelerated thanks to the concept of DIY, where you can push yourself to make things all by yourself, no matter what it is—apparels, décor, fine arts, cuisines or even architecture. 

However, most of the time, that knack is somehow suppressed due to the obvious time constraints in one’s day-to-day life.

Well, that being said, thankfully there are a variety of DIY projects that you can finish off just in a span of weekend. In this week’s release, we bring you five DIY projects that won’t take more than two days of your time—

       Glitter embedded glass vases

These DIY glass vases all beautifully decked with shiny glitter are a must have charm for your home as a decorative item, to be a lovely dwelling point for those mesmerizing white roses or lilies. Easy to make, you can even gift these vases to your loved ones on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

source: popsugar

To know more about how you can create these beautiful vases yourself, visit

      2 in 1 photo frame and jewelry hanger

Creativity is the show stealer in every DIY craft and this one gives you ample space to be creative. With just a few handy things, you can make this photo frame be a part of your wall, and also ensure your jewelry is all fine and untangled in this space. 

source: popsugar
For a step by step guide on how to make this stylish 2 in 1 piece, you can visit

   Scented candles made of oranges 

Fruits are nature’s gift to keep your body healthy and fit, and now you can also make the most of them by molding them into a DIY project, wherein you can make decorative scented candles with these orange peels. Not only do they make your homes and offices smell lovely, but also help in keeping those devilish mosquitoes away!

source: popsugar

To know how to do this one by yourself, click

      Home décor pieces with spray paint

From Buddha idols to doves and regal jars—you can make all these popular show pieces as home décor items all by yourself just by using spray paints the right way.
Use monochromes or vibrant colours choice is all yours. 

To master this art, follow this step by step guide

       Denim coasters for your dining tables

Who said those old jeans needed to be given away or dumped into garbage? You can use them to make some really creative and unique table coasters, to prevent condensation from your glasses or mugs, that too in less than some hours! 

source: popsugar

For more details on this easy DIY project, visit

Friday, 4 September 2015

5 DIY projects for pros

The world of DIY projects is quite a dynamic sphere. While some of these projects need contents that are pretty handy and also flexible to work on with time constraints, some projects are a little trickier and require a lot of patience, vision and of course DIY skills.

In this release, we are going to list 5 DIY projects that are for pros— 

Wooden chopper

If you are too good with wooden work and crafts, this is your thing, especially if you are aiming at brushing up your skills with work that requires minute detailing. Gift it to someone or keep it as a work of art in your own house—this wooden helicopter requires a lot of concentration, patience and detailing skills to look something like this, with finesse.

      Moroccan tea set

If you are a seeker for fine dining places with beautiful and lavish looking crockery and tea sets, then perhaps you would like to build one set yourself for your own dining table. This subtle yet classy DIY project of tea set adds a layer of charm to your home décor. 

    Vertical Wooden book shelves

Whether you are a voracious reader yourself or not, if DIY is your thing, then you should definitely give this wooden book shelf a try. With such a clean, subtle and organized design, it is certainly meant to add an elegant dimension to your room.

       Knitted mono/multi coloured gloves

So if you are planning a trip to Finland or any other cold location, layers are most definitely going to be your best pas during the trip. So why not give knitting your own gloves a try? Added advantage is you get to choose your desired colours. So, if you are all set to go to a cold land and beat the heat—just knit!

      Patch blankets/quilts

From baby blankets to quilts for adults, patchwork can help you create so much of variety, with elegant and classy designs. From black and white to darker shades, if you have mastered the art of patchwork, then this is something you should definitely give a try!

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Friday, 28 August 2015

DIY— Cake Stands for Yummy Cakes and Cupcakes

You hear the word ‘cake,’ and the term ‘Yum’ is pretty instantaneous as a reply that comes out of your mouth. The whole thing about cakes and confectionaries is pretty dramatically appealing and manages to elate anyone, regardless of age to go a little berserk to have them all.

Well, if you are a fan of yummy cakes and good decorations around, then you might want to give making beautiful cake/cupcake stands a try yourself!

So in this week, we are going to tell you how you can create beautiful cake stands for some yummy and savoring cakes.

Things you will need

- Old microwave plates

- Candle stands

- Pie dishes

- Spray paint

- Glue

  1. Take a candle stand and on top of it attach one of the old microwave plate or a pie dish.

  2. Make sure that you use good glue so that the objects are fixated properly to each other and don't fall apart.
  3. Take a spray paint—colour can be of your choice. You can keep it plain black, blue, or white if you want a monochromatic look, or go for multiple colors for a more colourful outlook.
  4. Spray the first coat of paint upside down. As you leave it to dry, take another stand and repeat the same step of attaching it to a pie dish.

  5. You will need altogether three coats of spray paint, neatly done, for a clean finish and shiny appearance.
  6. Once that’s done, you have your all new cake stand, completely made by you!

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Friday, 21 August 2015

DIY—Colourful dotted tumblers

Colours add meaning to life. It is an undeniable fact that colours always grab your attention and make you appreciate the beauty of them, regardless of how old you are. Now when it comes to getting creative, you can do wonders with some colours.

In this week’s release, we tell you how to make some beautiful, colourful dotted glass tumblers that you can use not just as a decorative piece of art in your own house but also gift it to your near and dear ones.

Things you will need:
-Enamel acrylic paint—red, blue, green, white, yellow.

-Two/ Three glass tumblers

-Cotton swabs

-Paper towel

-A parchment paper

-A sheet pan

Steps to make colourful dotted tumblers:

1.       Arrange all your items in one place, and choose the colours of acrylic paint that you want to use in your tumblers

2.       Take a sheet of paper towel and fold it evenly into half. Pull out dollops of each colour from the acrylic paint containers on the paper towel.

3.       It is up to your creativity when it comes to mixing colours. You can keep it simple or try experimenting, additionally, adding white to them to get some more new colours that you would like on your tumbler.

4.     Take a sheet of parchment paper and place it properly on the sheet pan.  Now flip your glass tumblers upside down on the pan, and dip your cotton swab into the colours and start dotting the tumblers. This will be your first layer of dots. As you are done with one tumbler, keep it aside to let it dry while you continue working the same way on the other tumblers. 

5.       After you are done with the first layer of dots and it is dry, start with the second layer, experimenting with your desired colour combinations. Be careful to dot from the base to the sides of the tumbler, and avoid getting closer to the edges.

6.      As soon as you are done with the double layering and you are sure that the paint has dried up, insert the pan inside a cold oven and bake your creation at a temperature approximately at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, for around 20-30 minutes in order to set the paint.

7.      Once you are done with the baking, let it cool down for a while before you flip them. And there you have it! Your own DIY colourful dotted glass tumblers. Gift them to your friends or keep them as a show piece.

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Images source: popsugar