Thursday, 26 February 2015

#DIY, A Revolution

The Price Isn’t Right
Gone are the days where fixing simple things around the house were cheap or when the plumber or electrician would come in 10 minutes if they said they would. It’s all different now, phones allow you to change plans that you’ve committed to, in an instant and who pays the price when you have no hot water because the geezer doesn’t work or your tap is leaking? You do!

Maybe it’s time that you took matters in your own hands. It’s your time to waste not anyone else’s, so why let your procrastinating plumber or unenergetic electrician ruin your day? Unless your home needs completely new wiring or a piping system, there should be no problem in you fixing it.

The Power Rests Within You
After years of calling professionals to patch up your home, you’ve probably noticed that the smallest repairs cost the most. A leaky pipe, faulty light socket or even a toilet that doesn’t stop flushing, you can be sure that your problem will be sorted out (maybe in three or four days) but your wallet will get a little lighter.
The internet is a beautiful place where you find a guide to fix almost anything so use it to your advantage. #DIY is a revolution for the average citizen, stop waiting for these so called “professionals” to show up and attempt a repair, when you can do it yourself!

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Black & Decker’s Guide to Great Woodwork

How many of us have thought on a Sunday, to try and fix that shaky dining table or put up a new book shelf, but either failed or didn’t know where to start? Working with wood can be a little tricky at first but it’s not impossible. Everybody needs to start somewhere and just like any art-form the basics matter the most. This week we’re going to help eliminate your starting troubles by giving you five basic tips that you should know before you start your weekend project.

Safety Always Comes First
Safety is the most important part of any project. If you’re prepared, then nothing can go wrong. This means wearing the right protective gear, using the right tools and picking the perfect space.

Do a Tool Check
Before you dig in, do make sure you read up a little on your project and know which tools you’ll need and what the correct way of using those tools are. Using tools incorrectly can be dangerous and could leave your table or book shelf looking a little off.

Buy The Right Material
Ensure that you are using high quality wood and other materials as nothing is worse than spending hours of effort on something only to have it splinter and hurt the people you made it for.

You’re Only Human
Making mistakes is all part of DIY. You’re allowed to make a few when you start as; with constant practice you’ll get better over time. Remember, failure is the stepping stone to success.

B&D is Here to Help
If you get stuck along the way, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our Facebook page. We’ll definitely try our best to direct you out of trouble.

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

DIY Bottle Lamps for Valentine’s Day

Try something new this Valentine’s Day. These jazzy DIY bottle lamps not only brighten up your home, but can be the perfect gift for your Valentine this year. They’re cost effective, easy to make and most of all they look really good, especially on your bedside table.

What you will need
  • An old wine bottle (You can use any old glass bottle)
  • A set of fairy lights (the colour is up to you)
  • A Black & Decker corded drill and a 1/2” drill bit
  • Masking tape/Insulation tape
  • Protective gear (Goggles and gloves)
  • A piece of wire 75cm – 100cm (optional)

What you will need to do

1.      Firstly, place the old wine bottle or any used alcohol bottle in a bucket with warm water and some dish washing liquid. Leave it there for a day, or two to be safe.
2.      After removing the bottle from the bucket, use a regular kitchen scrub to remove the label, so that you get a nice clean bottle to work with.
3.      Put your protective gear on, place a strip of tape near the bottom half of the bottle and start drilling. Be careful not to put too much pressure as you don’t want the bottle to shatter and have to start all over again.

4.      If you do this correctly, you should be left with a perfect hole for your fairy lights to fit through.
5.      Rinse out the bottle to remove any shards of glass that may still be inside.
6.      Now, take the fairy lights and put them in the bottle through the hole that you’ve just made. Ensure not to break a bulb because it may cause all the lights to stop working.
7.      Once the lights have been put inside, plug them in and enjoy.
8.      There are various things you can do to personalize them further, like:
·         Pull some of the lights back out and wrap them around the bottle.
·         Add in another set of fairy lights of a different colour.
·         Instead of putting the lights inside the bottle, wrap them around a wire that you’ve folded twice and then put the wire in the bottle. Use the excess part of the wire and tie it around the bottleneck to give a sort of hanging effect. (For this you’ll need to drill a bigger hole)

After you’ve mastered one, you can experiment with different bottles and different lights. Share yours with us on our Facebook page because we love to see DIY at all levels.


After use, these bottles can become hot. It is advised that they remain out of reach from children or placed in a safe place where access is limited.

(Image Credits: Source)

Friday, 6 February 2015

We Are Black & Decker

Who is Black & Decker?

From getting that painting you’ve been hiding in the closet finally put up on your wall, to helping construct the spaces you work in, you can be sure that Black & Decker had a hand in it. Since 1910, we’ve been facilitating our customers do it themselves with ease. Fashioning beautiful homes, comfortable office spaces and even helping you prepare delicious meals. With more than 27,000 employees worldwide, there’s nothing that we can’t help you with when it comes to fixing, creating or refurbishing.

What do we do?

By providing premium tools and appliances, we’ve changed the way people DIY. It has become so simple that any chore can be accomplished effortlessly. (View our Power Tools and Gardening Tools)
At Black & Decker, our aim is to empower our customers to give DIY a chance and stay ahead. It can come in any form, be it building a table from scratch, trying a new recipe or even using recycled waste to create household ornaments. Our range of home appliances can help you do all of the above and more. (View our Home Appliances).

Keep in touch

For more information about our products and services, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook and we’ll surely help you out with any queries or doubts that you may have.

It’s time you upgrade to Black & Decker to see the difference for yourself.