Monday, 28 October 2013

Why You Should Choose a B&D Gift this Diwali

The festive time of the year is here again, with Diwali soon following Dussehra. This means we are sometimes at a loss on what to gift our loved ones, as most of the standard ideas like jewelry or chocolates have already been exhausted. Why not take a different direction in your gifting this Diwali, and make your loved one’s time spent at home easier with a B&D appliance? We have a wide range for you to choose from:

Kitchen appliances: You can choose from a range of food preparation and cooking appliances ranging from juicers, hand blenders, food processors and choppers to toasters, cookers/steamers, fryers and sandwich makers. Kettles and coffee makers are also great choices for gifting and come in different price ranges as well. Other than saving time and effort of your loved ones, the other advantage of gifting these to friends and family would be the promise of a great meal whenever you visit them J.

Other home appliances: Other than in the kitchen, we also provide appliances such as vacuum cleaners to be used for a variety of cleaning purposes, as well as a range of irons for garment care. The stylish ADV 1220 car vacuum cleaner for example is a very thoughtful gift for a friend who loves to keep his car interiors clean and in good condition.

DIY appliances: If your friend or family member is someone who loves to be independent and try out making things by themselves, any of the tools from our DIY range would make a great gift for them. Starting with cordless tools like screwdrivers, to the invaluable drill kits, by choosing from these you can be sure of gifting something long lasting and of great quality.

Outdoor appliances: Finally, it is our outdoor appliances such as pressure washers, lawnmowers and grass trimmers that are definitely worth a mention too. These can be very useful for keeping the outdoor areas of a home clean and well maintained.

So there you have it, a range of appliances for different needs and budgets for you to choose from. For more details on our range of products, do visit out website:

B&D Buddy – 9

Dear B&D Buddy,

This morning, and for the 3rd time, my mixer grinder has failed me and burnt out while trying to grind meat into mince. This is an activity that is quite regular in my kitchen and I need to do it at least once a week. Moreover, I have a dinner party coming up and I desperately need to make my doubtful neighbours mince their negative words about my cooking! Help!

Mixerless in Moradabad

Dear Mixerless,

Grinding harder food items like meat can put too much strain on the mixer’s motor causing it to trip or burn out. You would be thrilled to know that B&D has the ideal appliance for your need – the FM1700 Meat Mincer. Its set of 6 blades allows you to control the consistency of the end result as well!

I assure you that those neighbours are going to be grinding their teeth in envy soon.

Easier Done than Said,
B&D Buddy

Friday, 25 October 2013

B&D Buddy - 8

Dear B&D Buddy,
I am a Mom of two who starts off the day very early and I need to efficiently prepare food for my children who are off to school by 7 AM. Though my day starts at 5:30 AM, I hate to wake up the entire household with the whistles of the pressure cooker! Please help with an alternate appliance I can use for this.
Frazzled in Faridabad

Dear Frazzled,
Wow that’s an early start! I completely understand how busy your mornings must be, and it’s wonderful that you wish to make them even more efficient.
I think the B&D Rice cookers like this one are made for just such a situation like yours. You can get your rice made super quietly, and you can even use it to steam your veggies at the same time.
Easier done than said!
B&D Buddy