Friday, 31 May 2013

Car Care and B&D

Keeping your care in good running condition is the responsibility of your service centre, but even the day to day cleaning and other tasks can sometimes feel bothersome. Black & Decker offers you a range of appliances in our car care range to help you out with your daily cleaning needs, which will serve to clean both the interiors and exteriors:

Car Vacuum cleaners: Sudden spill of biscuit crumbs or other foods on your upholstery? B&D has a range of car vacuum cleaners that are battery operated and can reach small gaps and corners to clear up the mess. Do remember to keep one charged and handy on your next journey, and you will see the difference.

Pressure Washers: Our pressure washers come with a range of power options and you can check which one works best for you. They are a good way to use the power of water, so that you can get your car cleaned with lesser water than a running hose, by using the power of water effectively. They can be used not just for cleaning the outside of the car, but also for homes with large yards that might need occasional cleaning.

Polishers: This could be more of use for professional cleaning, and you might think that it only for a service centre or body workshop If you have multiple cars at home, you can also opt to share one with friends or family, so that you will get maximum use out of it. Do make sure to use a good quality of car polish and you will get great results.

To see all these products and more, do check out our webpage at From cleaning your car and outdoors, to enabling you to perform DIY tasks at home, B&D is working on making your life easier. We wish to bring about a DIY revolution in India, to make everyone more independent and to make them realize how easy doing-it-yourself can be if you have the right tools at hand.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Troubleshooting Tips for Power Tools and Appliances - Black & Decker, India

Once appliances start easing our way of life, we tend to become completely dependent on them. And then comes the day, when it suddenly refuses to work! Here are some simple measures you can try before needing to take it to the service centre:

Power or battery: This is the basic issue that needs to be eliminated before checking further. Ensure that the power is on and working in that particular plug point, and if a battery run appliance, that it is charged as required. Also check for low voltage situations when it is not advised to run such equipment, as it may trip the circuit. Sometimes a loose connection at the point of plug-in may also be the problem, in which case using an adapter instead of plugging in directly could help.

On-off or safety switch on the appliance: Check if the switch on the appliance is stuck, or not completely in the “on” position. Some appliances may have a safety button that needs to be turned off in order to use them. Very occasionally it may also happen that the switch has got affected by power fluctuations and got burned out, in this case taking it to the service centre is the best option.

Power cord: If both the above don’t seem to be the issue, check the power cord and plug for any damages from heat, or sometimes being chewed up by rodents in case of outdoor storage. If this is the case, take it to the service centre to replace the cord.

Wear and tear of parts: Check if the accessories and various parts of the appliance are in good condition and fit together well. In case of larger vacuums, empty dust bags for better results. Check the pipes and ensure that they are not clogged up with any earlier debris. The efficiency of the machine is decided by the condition of the different parts.

After these initial checks, if you can’t find a problem, and still feel that the Black & Decker appliance is not working, or not up to its usual efficiency, do bring it across to our service centre and we’ll solve the problem for you. You can use the service centre locator from our webpage to find the one closest to you:

Friday, 24 May 2013

How to improve home safety with Black & Decker

DIY is not only about making new pieces of furniture, but is also a great way to feel independent and be able to childproof and make your home safer. Thinking about the safety of our homes is important not just where infants are concerned but even for slightly older children who might need a lot of moving space for their physical games and activities. Here are some ways you can do it:

Smoothing edges: Most young parents worry about the sharp edges of pieces of furniture like center tables that can be dangerous for young children if hit into. You can use our woodworking tools to smooth these edges and give it a good finish so that everyone can breathe in peace.

Installing safety gates: The staircase can be quite scary if the entry is left open, and parents or babysitters are left with no option but to keep looking out so that the kids do not venture into that area. The easy solution is to install a safety gate, that you can try making yourself if you feel like it. Another option is to buy a readymade model and use equipment like a drill kit to install it yourself.

Bridging the gaps: Large gaps in railings or window grills are not a good idea when adventurous kids are around. You can use our metalworking or woodworking tools to construct additional pieces that can close the gaps on the grill. These can be attached temporarily and can be removed once the children are grown up.

Increase height of displays: To put away all breakable items above the reach of children, you can put up very simple wall shelves using just a single plank of wood with some angles to keep it up. They look elegant and nice, and are very easy to DIY.

We hope that these tips help to improve the safety of your home and let kids enjoy themselves without fear of getting hurt. Do check out our website for more details of our appliances that can help you achieve this:

Monday, 20 May 2013

What to look for while choosing an appliance? - Black and Decker, India

We have become the target of aggressive advertising campaigns, and sometimes the amount of information thrown at us may only confuse us further when choosing a product. Where appliances are concerned, it is very important to choose correctly, as in most cases they cost a significant amount of money and cannot be dismissed lightly. Here are some hints on how to go about it:

Check the features: When choosing an appliance like a vacuum cleaner for example, the first decision to be made is what is the type that suits your needs the most. Also look out for newer models as these might be more efficient and have improved features. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner mainly for quick cleanups, any of the cordless models will serve well. In this case, do look out for important features like how long the battery will take for charging, as well as how long a charge lasts.

Look for reviews: Do not forget to do your research and check out reviews online as well as with friends if possible. It is important though, to balance out the reviews as not everyone writes an impartial and unemotional one. The FAQs on the product site also help, but you should compare it with written and video reviews that are easily available on sites like YouTube.

Think about storage space: Especially for larger appliances like a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, it is important to figure out where you are planning to store it when not in use. Once things start cluttering up our space, we tend to put them away and our enthusiasm to use them also goes down. I am sure all of us have at least one appliance put away in a cupboard somewhere J.

Choose based on the primary user: The person who buys the product may not be the same as the one actually using it, so make sure to make the primary user’s point of view while choosing. The decision will depend on factors such as if the user is elderly or has back problems, which limits the amount of weight they can handle.

We hope these hints help your choice! For more details on our range of products do see our webpage:

Friday, 17 May 2013

What makes a Good Gift? - Black & Decker, India

We are a country of festivals, and gifting is a very important practice for us. Every occasion, especially a wedding is celebrated with a lot of grandeur and it is common for us to put a lot of thought into what we gift the newly married couple. Though the practice of DIY is not very prevalent yet, at B&D we offer you not just DIY tools, but also a lot of useful appliances that can help for your gifting needs. Here are some ideas:

Below Rs. 1000: A screwdriver is a very handy appliance, and all of us would keep one around for those small jobs like screwing in the handle of a vessel in the kitchen, or unscrewing the battery compartment of a gadget or toy. Gifting our cordless screwdriver is a very thoughtful and long lasting gift, as well as something out of the ordinary that will make it memorable.

Rs. 1000-5000: For the wedding of a close family member or friend, we look for slightly more expensive options, but try to keep it useful at the same time. Our range of cordless vacuum cleaners in the range of Rs. 1000-3000 gives you a lot of choice in this area, and what better way to clean up those sudden spills in the kitchen, or a mess in the car. This can also be a good option for gifting young parents who have to deal a lot with crumbs and small spills. For the DIYer, our Drill kit falls in the Rs. 3000-5000 price range.

Rs. 5000-10000: When gifting as a group, especially a gift to a colleague from the entire team, the budget is shared by all and there are even more interesting options available. Enter the Steam Mop that can make cleaning so much easier for any housekeeper. The B&D Pressure washers also fall in this price range, so if your friend or colleague has a yard or a bigger outdoor area to clean, this can be a great gift for them.

These are just some thoughts for gifting ideas in the above price ranges. Please do look at our website for many more choices:

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

DIY Recycled Projects for Kids - Black & Decker, India

Many of us are constantly on the lookout for reusing or repurposing things around the house, instead of buying something more and cluttering the house all the time. Here are a few DIY projects you can do for and with your kids that will help in reusing stuff as well as keeping the kids busy and happy!

What can you do with used toys? When toys get old, we sometimes give away to the less fortunate if they are in good condition. In many cases, these may go to the trash and a very good way of avoiding this is to reuse the toys to make something useful so that they can be around for some more time. A great example is this dinosaur toothbrush holder, and you can adapt any old plastic animal or similar sized toy for this!

Use cardboard boxes: Remember the Calvin & Hobbes series in which Calvin uses a cardboard box as a transmogrifier? The possibilities are endless, and you can enlist your kids’ help too for ideas. From cutting out shapes and painting those, to making a plane – all you need are kid friendly scissors and glue, and your kids are free to create their masterpieces.

Reusing tissue paper rolls: This is something we buy in most of our houses, and every couple of weeks we have a new roll to dispose of. These can be used for a variety of uses, from making simple dolls out of them to even being used as a holder for sowing and starting seeds.

Think before you throw: Most waste items can be reused for simple craft activities instead of being thrown away. You can get many ideas online for reusing such items, such as this page where there are some great ideas for reuse of bubble wrap such as using it as a print maker, or just running and playing games on it.

If you are interested in a DIY activity such as creating a small piece of furniture for your kids’ room, we can help you out with our range of tools that make such DIY much easier. Do check out our website for more details:

Saturday, 11 May 2013

A closer look at Innovation - Black and Decker, India

We do not claim lightly that innovation is a big part of our commitment to our customers. Here’s a quick look at some of our appliances and how we have thought about many small features that make the tool more approachable and easier to use:

Corded drills: The pistol grip and trigger switch are features that were a part of the drill right from the first design that was patented in 1916. Many more features have been added now to make it even easier to use such as reversing of motion, variable speeds, a keyless chuck and a well-balanced handle with a softer grip.

Cordless Screwdrivers: Our cordless screwdrivers come with an easy torque selection and magnetic holders to hold on to the screws without dropping them. The pivoting handles, long lasting batteries and built in lighting that makes it easier to use in low light are other thoughtful features of the product.

Saws: The saws from Black & Decker now have improved accuracy features along with long lasting durability. Some models are now super portable as well, compared to the earlier models – but do keep in mind that these were still the cutting edge technology of their time.

Outdoor products: We brought out the world’s first outdoor cordless product in our Cordless Hedge Trimmer, and continue to innovate in the field ever since. Our gardening tools are still among the best fuss free and low maintenance models available in the market.

Vacuum cleaners: Our vacuum cleaners incorporate the most ergonomic designs and flexible parts for ease of use. One of our favourites is the Orbit that incorporates cutting edge looks along with a wealth of design features such as easy emptying of contents, compact design and a 360 degree charging base.

Steam Cleaners: One of our most recent innovations, the steam mop uses the Smart Select technology, and with just the power of water and steam, can wipe your surfaces 99% bacteria free. The new steambuster attachment allows you to clean on higher surfaces like your stovetop and inside your ovens too.

For more of the innovative products from Black & Decker, please do visit our webpage:

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

B&D and the DIY Revolution

Black & Decker were one of the first to recognize the significance of the DIY revolution in the United States. While in India DIY is just picking up steam, we are already well prepared with the wonderful range of products from B&D.  Here are some simple projects you can try your hand at along with our appliances that can help you with it:

Nail in the wall: The usual situation in our homes is to think of a carpenter even for a small task of putting a nail in the wall to hang up something. With the drill kit or the home utility kit from Black & Decker, you can do this task in a jiffy, and this will improve your confidence for other tasks too. From hanging up a portrait in your living room, to a new shelf in your bathroom you can be empowered to do it on your own.

Painting your home: This is something we always envision as a long drawn and messy process with brushes or rollers and paint splattering all over the place. But when you use an intelligent tool like the B&D RapidRoller you can contain the dripping to a minimum, and as the paint is constantly fed from the container it all gets over really fast. For small areas, you can even dry the coats of paint faster using a tool like the hot air gun.

Gardening: You no longer need to struggle with that heavy and unwieldy pair of cutters. Trimming hedges and mowing your lawn has now become so much easier with our range of gardening tools. Even for larger landscaped areas, the maintenance will not be a daunting task any more and you can do it yourself, without waiting on a gardener every time.

Car Maintenance: How many of us depend on a car cleaning service or person to get our cars in good shape once every few days or weeks? B&D provides you a range of options from pressure washers for cleaning the outside, to car vacuum cleaners to reach even the difficult gaps on the inside. For specialized use, try out our polisher that will enable even a beginner to do a professional looking polishing job.

For all these and more appliances, do check out page:

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Which type of paint should you use? - Black & Decker, India

When setting out to try that first DIY painting job, it can be tough to decide the type of paint to use. We would usually want the paint we choose to be long lasting and durable, as well as attractive to the eye. Here is some useful information to help a beginner decide on which type of paint to go with:

Distempers: This is the basic and economical variety of water-based paint available in all brands. It is a good choice for a budget project, or an area where you anticipate a re-painting every few months anyway such as for a rental home. It is not very durable in the long run and walls painted with distemper cannot be effectively cleaned by wiping.

Emulsions: This is also a water-based paint, but it is much more durable and gives a lovely finished look to the walls. The reason for the improved durability is its acrylic quality. These walls can be wiped easily with a damp cloth to remove minor stains. Most companies have special types of emulsions as a good choice for exteriors.

Enamel: Enamel and Lustre paints are solvent based and are used for surfaces such as metal and even wood especially doors in the house. They are long lasting, but can be really strong smelling and it is not advised for someone with allergies to stay close to the painting area when using this variety.

Functional: This is a specialized variety of paints that can be used for specific functions such as insect or germ control. This can be a very useful option to control fungal growth, as well as for creating a safe area for people with allergies.

Other than the varieties, you can also create an exclusive effect based on the texture and finish that you choose. Whatever the type of paint, the RapidRoller from Black & Decker makes it easy for you to apply multiple coats with ease. For this and other products, do check out our website: