Friday, 17 May 2013

What makes a Good Gift? - Black & Decker, India

We are a country of festivals, and gifting is a very important practice for us. Every occasion, especially a wedding is celebrated with a lot of grandeur and it is common for us to put a lot of thought into what we gift the newly married couple. Though the practice of DIY is not very prevalent yet, at B&D we offer you not just DIY tools, but also a lot of useful appliances that can help for your gifting needs. Here are some ideas:

Below Rs. 1000: A screwdriver is a very handy appliance, and all of us would keep one around for those small jobs like screwing in the handle of a vessel in the kitchen, or unscrewing the battery compartment of a gadget or toy. Gifting our cordless screwdriver is a very thoughtful and long lasting gift, as well as something out of the ordinary that will make it memorable.

Rs. 1000-5000: For the wedding of a close family member or friend, we look for slightly more expensive options, but try to keep it useful at the same time. Our range of cordless vacuum cleaners in the range of Rs. 1000-3000 gives you a lot of choice in this area, and what better way to clean up those sudden spills in the kitchen, or a mess in the car. This can also be a good option for gifting young parents who have to deal a lot with crumbs and small spills. For the DIYer, our Drill kit falls in the Rs. 3000-5000 price range.

Rs. 5000-10000: When gifting as a group, especially a gift to a colleague from the entire team, the budget is shared by all and there are even more interesting options available. Enter the Steam Mop that can make cleaning so much easier for any housekeeper. The B&D Pressure washers also fall in this price range, so if your friend or colleague has a yard or a bigger outdoor area to clean, this can be a great gift for them.

These are just some thoughts for gifting ideas in the above price ranges. Please do look at our website for many more choices:

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