Monday, 27 May 2013

Troubleshooting Tips for Power Tools and Appliances - Black & Decker, India

Once appliances start easing our way of life, we tend to become completely dependent on them. And then comes the day, when it suddenly refuses to work! Here are some simple measures you can try before needing to take it to the service centre:

Power or battery: This is the basic issue that needs to be eliminated before checking further. Ensure that the power is on and working in that particular plug point, and if a battery run appliance, that it is charged as required. Also check for low voltage situations when it is not advised to run such equipment, as it may trip the circuit. Sometimes a loose connection at the point of plug-in may also be the problem, in which case using an adapter instead of plugging in directly could help.

On-off or safety switch on the appliance: Check if the switch on the appliance is stuck, or not completely in the “on” position. Some appliances may have a safety button that needs to be turned off in order to use them. Very occasionally it may also happen that the switch has got affected by power fluctuations and got burned out, in this case taking it to the service centre is the best option.

Power cord: If both the above don’t seem to be the issue, check the power cord and plug for any damages from heat, or sometimes being chewed up by rodents in case of outdoor storage. If this is the case, take it to the service centre to replace the cord.

Wear and tear of parts: Check if the accessories and various parts of the appliance are in good condition and fit together well. In case of larger vacuums, empty dust bags for better results. Check the pipes and ensure that they are not clogged up with any earlier debris. The efficiency of the machine is decided by the condition of the different parts.

After these initial checks, if you can’t find a problem, and still feel that the Black & Decker appliance is not working, or not up to its usual efficiency, do bring it across to our service centre and we’ll solve the problem for you. You can use the service centre locator from our webpage to find the one closest to you:

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