Sunday, 21 December 2014

There’ll be no Such Thing as Mess This Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, it’s the holiday that everyone looks forward too and it’s nearly here. Along with good tidings we bring some useful advice on cleaning this holiday. Mess is the one thing any mother cannot put up with and with Christmas just around the corner, mess is something that will be constant during this holiday. With aunties and uncles making that long trip down to see you, you can’t ask them to take their shoes off in the living room and the kids will be seeing their cousins after quite some time, so you can’t say anything to them either.

Now is no time to panic, because when it comes to cleaning, we at Black & Decker know exactly what you need. Here is a list of tools that you’ll require to keep your home neat and clean during the Christmas break.

1.      The FSM1620 Steam Mop
A mark of a good cook is a clean workspace. This elegant piece of equipment is great for removing food stains and splashes on the kitchen floor and keeping those aunties impressed.

2.      The DV141OEL Dustbuster
Not only does this dustbuster clean table and couch mess, it’s quite the looker. The DV141OEL is also eco-friendly as it uses 70% less energy than any other dustbuster in it’s class. #GoGreen

3.      The WV1400 Vaccum Cleaner
When the day is done and everybody leaves, that’s when you pull out this bad boy. The WV1400 comes with a variety of accessories that will help you make your home spic and span once again.

Visit our website to see more items from our cleaning range and if you have any questions about which one is perfect for you, then connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll help you out. After all, Christmas is the ‘giving’ season.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Five Cleaning Tips For The Christmas Period

A Bit of History

In the year 1908, William Henry Hoover also known as Boss Hoover bought the patent of a machine called the Suction Sweeper. Since then, the Suction Sweeper underwent many changes and today we know this device as the vacuum cleaner. For more than 70 years, the name ‘Hoover’ has been associated with cleanliness another is Black & Decker.

We’ve taken household cleaning to the next level by creating powerful, user-friendly products that leave your home spick and span. At Black & Decker, we’ve put in a lot of research into cleaning and we’re going to share some of it.

With the Christmas season approaching, the necessity to keep a clean home increases two-fold, here are Black & Decker’s five cleaning tips for the holidays.

Five Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  1. The dirtiest item in the house is the kitchen sponge. It harbours millions of germs. If you put it in the microwave for about two minutes, it’ll kill most of the germs and leave your table tops much cleaner.
  2. Kids tend to write on anything and everything around the house. A little hair spray and wipe will take pen marks right off.
  3. Everybody loves pets, but when they shed, there’s fur everywhere. Wiping the ‘furry’ area with a rubber glove is a neat trick. The fur sticks live a magnet on a fridge.
  4. If you have limescale in your bathroom or kettle, you can use flat Coke or Pepsi to remove it.
  5. Dust mites are attracted to skin cells. Vacuuming your mattress once a month, removes accumulated skin cells and will prevent dust mites from sleeping with you.

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Easy Tips for Lawn Maintenance

Whether you live in an independent house or an apartment, having a lawn area as part of your landscaping helps to improve the green cover and is also a pleasure to look at. Here are some tips to help maintain your lawn in a lush green condition at all times:

Feeding or Fertilizing: Much like other plants, the grass of a lawn needs an optimal level of nutrition to exhibit good growth as well. Depending on the type of lawn that you have, you should plan the right type and amount of natural and organic nutrition to be supplied to it to keep it in good condition.

Mowing: This is one of the most frequent maintenance tasks that you would require to do for your lawn, and is made much easier if you have a lawnmower such as the Black & Decker GR3400. It helps you adjust the height of cut which you can maintain according to the frequency of mowing, and help keep your lawn looking well nourished and even at all times.

Trimming and Edging: Other than mowing, it is important to keep the edges of your lawn even and well trimmed. This can be accomplished by paving the side of your lawn to prevent uneven growth at the joints, or by using an appliance such as a trimmer.

Watering care: Rather than a daily gentle watering, lawns prefer a good soak that is done just once or twice a week depending on the weather. This is the best nourishment for the roots, and helps you to control any dry patches that might start showing up due to uneven watering.

It is not too tough a task to maintain your lawn with these simple tips and by using useful appliances such as the mowers, trimmers and cutters from Black & Decker. Do check out our homepage for details of these and more:

Monday, 6 January 2014

B&D Buddy - 12

Dear B&D Buddy,

At our last party at home, I put in a lot of effort into the appetizers for the guest. But at the final stage of frying them, it seemed like the temperature of the oil and the time taken for frying varied so much that the pieces looked completely different from each other. Some soggy, some burnt, overall not a nice picture L. It was so disheartening to see this result after burning a few fingers along the way as well! Help!

Burnt in Basra

Dear Burnt,

Temperature control is one of the most common issues with deep-frying and can ruin everything from pooris to deep fried appetizers. Do try our B&D Deep Fryers, where you can regulate the temperature as well as keep your hands protected due to the removable frying basket. I’ll be waiting for your delighted feedback!

Easier Done than Said,
B&D Buddy

Thursday, 2 January 2014

How to Choose your DIY Project

DIY is frequently thought of as a fix for all problems that might arise in your home, but this may not always be the case. Trying to attempt a project that is not meant for him or her might overwhelm a DIY amateur, and this is why we need to put in some thought into choosing the right project. Here are some questions to help you decide:

Do you have the tools for it? Some of the basic appliances such as a drill kit, hammer, pliers etc. need to be part of the investment made by any DIYer. If a job requires many specialized pieces of equipment, then it might indicate that it’s time to call in a professional for the same. On the other hand, if you find that it needs just one or two additional tools that might serve as a good investment for any future projects, go ahead and take the plunge.

KRP12 Drill Kit from B&D

Is it in your skill level? You might need to adopt a very realistic attitude to recognize when a particular project might be beyond your current skill level. Of course we all gain experience with every project, so if this is something that you can put off for later, you can always add it to your list of dream projects to take up in the future.

Do you have the time? This is the third and final question to be answered, as the amount of free time that you have would also dictate how long a DIY project would take. Try to calculate how long a particular project would take, and if you would be able to complete it in the timeframe you require.

We hope that the above questions would help you choose the DIY project that’s right for you! Don’t forget to check out the range of DIY tools from B&D, aimed at the beginner as well as the professional. Do visit our website here: