Friday, 30 August 2013

Top 10 Safety Tips for DIY at Home

Before you attempt your first DIY project at home, do take a look at these important safety tips:
  1.     Safety gear like goggles and other protective equipment are very important in DIY. Do not compromise on the quality of these, buy good ones and they will last you a long time.
  2.     Be careful around electrical sockets and long wires that are required for most power equipment.
  3.     Keep a first aid kit handy, to take care of any minor accidents without needing to run around looking for items.
  4.     The ladder can be a major cause of accidents during DIY, so make sure you use a stable one and that it is placed properly before you start off on your DIY activity.
  5.     Do not wear loose clothing that might get in the way. Cotton clothes that are snug fitting are ideal. Overalls or other protective clothing may also be appropriate for metalworking and other such DIY activities.
  6.     Painting may require some additional precautions such as a breathing filter, and also keeping the room well aerated to minimize strong smells.
  7.     Pay attention to the working of the equipment, and ensure that you have taken all precautions and steps as mentioned in the manual.
  8.     Put off all power tools when not in use. Never place it down while put on, and walk away or get distracted.
  9.     Make sure the tools are cleaned and put away out of reach of children and pets. Not taking care of them will greatly lessen their life span.
  10.     Before completing your activity, make sure any debris and small items like nails and pins have been carefully removed or swept away. This is especially important if you have young children in the house.

Are there any more important tips that you can think of? Do leave a comment and tell us about it! Check out our Black & Decker power tools that can help facilitate your safe DIYing:

Monday, 26 August 2013

B&D Buddy - 4

Dear B&D Buddy,

I have been using vacuums for quick cleaning of dust and dry spills for a while, but just yesterday I had a bad wet spill that took so long to clean up! What’s an easy way out of this situation?

Spilling in Samastipur

Dear Spilling,

We have all been in this situation at some time or the other! I have kids at home and cleaning up a spill quickly is really important – to stop it getting spread all over the house and getting even worse of course J.

Black & Decker Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners to the rescue! The heavy duty WV1400 is useful for really bad spills that need a more powerful appliance, but my all time favourite is the newly introduced cordless and handy WD7215N Wet and Dry Dustbuster. It is so easy to charge and takes just a few seconds to pick up and quickly clean that wet spill before it becomes dangerous. I know you’ll agree with me as soon as you try it out!

Easier done than said!
B&D Buddy

Friday, 16 August 2013

B&D Buddy - 3

Dear B&D Buddy,

I hate using a hosepipe to clean my car due to the wastage of water, and doing it with a bucket of water doesn’t always give good results :(. How can I solve this problem and get a sparkling clean car?

Anxious in Andheri

Dear Anxious,

I am completely with you on how wasteful it is to use a hosepipe, and this is a very common problem too. I commend you for your watchfulness on water usage, and hope more people learn from your example!

To solve your problem, I recommend the B&D pressure washers to wash your car as they use a controlled quantity of water in an efficient manner, to give you a sparkling and nearly polished effect. It even minimizes your work of rubbing the dirt as the pressure washes away most of the dirt! Do check out our range of pressure washers here and choose the one that is right for your need.

Easier Done than Said!

B&D Buddy

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

B&D Buddy - 2

Dear B&D Buddy,

I bought some lovely blinds a few months ago, and was aghast to find a thick layer of dust on them when I touched them today! Please advise the best way of cleaning them as they are made of wood or chatai materials and I can’t soak and clean them like curtains.

Dusty in Dharmavaram

Dear Dusty,

We find that blinds made of materials like wood can sometimes be tough to clean indeed, if you stick to traditional or conventional means. This is exactly the type of need that B&D tried to address when we introduced our hand held vacuum cleaners to the market.

I would advise you especially to check out our latest introduced DV1410EL Cyclonic Dustbuster. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the power of a small machine, and cleaning those blinds will be a job of a few minutes. In fact, that machine is so easy to use (and looks great as well!) that you might even have volunteers in your family willing to take over the task for you J.

Easier Done than Said!

B&D Buddy

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

B&D Buddy

Dear B&D Buddy,

I wanted so badly to put up a family photo on my wall, and had called a carpenter to come and do it for me.  Kept waiting, waiting and waiting but he didn’t turn up even after offering to pay him extra for urgent work! How to handle a situation like this?

Frustrated in Fursatganj

Dear Frustrated,

I know just what you mean - I was in exactly the same boat as you a few years back, and had to experience many delays and irritations waiting for someone to come and help me. But guess what, there is a better way out!

Empower yourself with a good set of tools such as the KRP12 DIY Home Utility Kit from Black & Decker and you will see how easy it is to do such tasks on your own. Believe me, you will feel so proud when you hang up that photo on the wall yourself, and that will be just the beginning of your DIY rock & roll journey J. All the best!

Easier Done than Said!
B&D Buddy