Tuesday, 13 August 2013

B&D Buddy - 2

Dear B&D Buddy,

I bought some lovely blinds a few months ago, and was aghast to find a thick layer of dust on them when I touched them today! Please advise the best way of cleaning them as they are made of wood or chatai materials and I can’t soak and clean them like curtains.

Dusty in Dharmavaram

Dear Dusty,

We find that blinds made of materials like wood can sometimes be tough to clean indeed, if you stick to traditional or conventional means. This is exactly the type of need that B&D tried to address when we introduced our hand held vacuum cleaners to the market.

I would advise you especially to check out our latest introduced DV1410EL Cyclonic Dustbuster. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the power of a small machine, and cleaning those blinds will be a job of a few minutes. In fact, that machine is so easy to use (and looks great as well!) that you might even have volunteers in your family willing to take over the task for you J.

Easier Done than Said!

B&D Buddy

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