Monday, 26 August 2013

B&D Buddy - 4

Dear B&D Buddy,

I have been using vacuums for quick cleaning of dust and dry spills for a while, but just yesterday I had a bad wet spill that took so long to clean up! What’s an easy way out of this situation?

Spilling in Samastipur

Dear Spilling,

We have all been in this situation at some time or the other! I have kids at home and cleaning up a spill quickly is really important – to stop it getting spread all over the house and getting even worse of course J.

Black & Decker Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners to the rescue! The heavy duty WV1400 is useful for really bad spills that need a more powerful appliance, but my all time favourite is the newly introduced cordless and handy WD7215N Wet and Dry Dustbuster. It is so easy to charge and takes just a few seconds to pick up and quickly clean that wet spill before it becomes dangerous. I know you’ll agree with me as soon as you try it out!

Easier done than said!
B&D Buddy

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