Friday, 24 May 2013

How to improve home safety with Black & Decker

DIY is not only about making new pieces of furniture, but is also a great way to feel independent and be able to childproof and make your home safer. Thinking about the safety of our homes is important not just where infants are concerned but even for slightly older children who might need a lot of moving space for their physical games and activities. Here are some ways you can do it:

Smoothing edges: Most young parents worry about the sharp edges of pieces of furniture like center tables that can be dangerous for young children if hit into. You can use our woodworking tools to smooth these edges and give it a good finish so that everyone can breathe in peace.

Installing safety gates: The staircase can be quite scary if the entry is left open, and parents or babysitters are left with no option but to keep looking out so that the kids do not venture into that area. The easy solution is to install a safety gate, that you can try making yourself if you feel like it. Another option is to buy a readymade model and use equipment like a drill kit to install it yourself.

Bridging the gaps: Large gaps in railings or window grills are not a good idea when adventurous kids are around. You can use our metalworking or woodworking tools to construct additional pieces that can close the gaps on the grill. These can be attached temporarily and can be removed once the children are grown up.

Increase height of displays: To put away all breakable items above the reach of children, you can put up very simple wall shelves using just a single plank of wood with some angles to keep it up. They look elegant and nice, and are very easy to DIY.

We hope that these tips help to improve the safety of your home and let kids enjoy themselves without fear of getting hurt. Do check out our website for more details of our appliances that can help you achieve this:

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