Saturday, 4 May 2013

Which type of paint should you use? - Black & Decker, India

When setting out to try that first DIY painting job, it can be tough to decide the type of paint to use. We would usually want the paint we choose to be long lasting and durable, as well as attractive to the eye. Here is some useful information to help a beginner decide on which type of paint to go with:

Distempers: This is the basic and economical variety of water-based paint available in all brands. It is a good choice for a budget project, or an area where you anticipate a re-painting every few months anyway such as for a rental home. It is not very durable in the long run and walls painted with distemper cannot be effectively cleaned by wiping.

Emulsions: This is also a water-based paint, but it is much more durable and gives a lovely finished look to the walls. The reason for the improved durability is its acrylic quality. These walls can be wiped easily with a damp cloth to remove minor stains. Most companies have special types of emulsions as a good choice for exteriors.

Enamel: Enamel and Lustre paints are solvent based and are used for surfaces such as metal and even wood especially doors in the house. They are long lasting, but can be really strong smelling and it is not advised for someone with allergies to stay close to the painting area when using this variety.

Functional: This is a specialized variety of paints that can be used for specific functions such as insect or germ control. This can be a very useful option to control fungal growth, as well as for creating a safe area for people with allergies.

Other than the varieties, you can also create an exclusive effect based on the texture and finish that you choose. Whatever the type of paint, the RapidRoller from Black & Decker makes it easy for you to apply multiple coats with ease. For this and other products, do check out our website: 

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