Friday, 31 May 2013

Car Care and B&D

Keeping your care in good running condition is the responsibility of your service centre, but even the day to day cleaning and other tasks can sometimes feel bothersome. Black & Decker offers you a range of appliances in our car care range to help you out with your daily cleaning needs, which will serve to clean both the interiors and exteriors:

Car Vacuum cleaners: Sudden spill of biscuit crumbs or other foods on your upholstery? B&D has a range of car vacuum cleaners that are battery operated and can reach small gaps and corners to clear up the mess. Do remember to keep one charged and handy on your next journey, and you will see the difference.

Pressure Washers: Our pressure washers come with a range of power options and you can check which one works best for you. They are a good way to use the power of water, so that you can get your car cleaned with lesser water than a running hose, by using the power of water effectively. They can be used not just for cleaning the outside of the car, but also for homes with large yards that might need occasional cleaning.

Polishers: This could be more of use for professional cleaning, and you might think that it only for a service centre or body workshop If you have multiple cars at home, you can also opt to share one with friends or family, so that you will get maximum use out of it. Do make sure to use a good quality of car polish and you will get great results.

To see all these products and more, do check out our webpage at From cleaning your car and outdoors, to enabling you to perform DIY tasks at home, B&D is working on making your life easier. We wish to bring about a DIY revolution in India, to make everyone more independent and to make them realize how easy doing-it-yourself can be if you have the right tools at hand.

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