Monday, 28 October 2013

B&D Buddy – 9

Dear B&D Buddy,

This morning, and for the 3rd time, my mixer grinder has failed me and burnt out while trying to grind meat into mince. This is an activity that is quite regular in my kitchen and I need to do it at least once a week. Moreover, I have a dinner party coming up and I desperately need to make my doubtful neighbours mince their negative words about my cooking! Help!

Mixerless in Moradabad

Dear Mixerless,

Grinding harder food items like meat can put too much strain on the mixer’s motor causing it to trip or burn out. You would be thrilled to know that B&D has the ideal appliance for your need – the FM1700 Meat Mincer. Its set of 6 blades allows you to control the consistency of the end result as well!

I assure you that those neighbours are going to be grinding their teeth in envy soon.

Easier Done than Said,
B&D Buddy

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