Thursday, 12 February 2015

DIY Bottle Lamps for Valentine’s Day

Try something new this Valentine’s Day. These jazzy DIY bottle lamps not only brighten up your home, but can be the perfect gift for your Valentine this year. They’re cost effective, easy to make and most of all they look really good, especially on your bedside table.

What you will need
  • An old wine bottle (You can use any old glass bottle)
  • A set of fairy lights (the colour is up to you)
  • A Black & Decker corded drill and a 1/2” drill bit
  • Masking tape/Insulation tape
  • Protective gear (Goggles and gloves)
  • A piece of wire 75cm – 100cm (optional)

What you will need to do

1.      Firstly, place the old wine bottle or any used alcohol bottle in a bucket with warm water and some dish washing liquid. Leave it there for a day, or two to be safe.
2.      After removing the bottle from the bucket, use a regular kitchen scrub to remove the label, so that you get a nice clean bottle to work with.
3.      Put your protective gear on, place a strip of tape near the bottom half of the bottle and start drilling. Be careful not to put too much pressure as you don’t want the bottle to shatter and have to start all over again.

4.      If you do this correctly, you should be left with a perfect hole for your fairy lights to fit through.
5.      Rinse out the bottle to remove any shards of glass that may still be inside.
6.      Now, take the fairy lights and put them in the bottle through the hole that you’ve just made. Ensure not to break a bulb because it may cause all the lights to stop working.
7.      Once the lights have been put inside, plug them in and enjoy.
8.      There are various things you can do to personalize them further, like:
·         Pull some of the lights back out and wrap them around the bottle.
·         Add in another set of fairy lights of a different colour.
·         Instead of putting the lights inside the bottle, wrap them around a wire that you’ve folded twice and then put the wire in the bottle. Use the excess part of the wire and tie it around the bottleneck to give a sort of hanging effect. (For this you’ll need to drill a bigger hole)

After you’ve mastered one, you can experiment with different bottles and different lights. Share yours with us on our Facebook page because we love to see DIY at all levels.


After use, these bottles can become hot. It is advised that they remain out of reach from children or placed in a safe place where access is limited.

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