Monday, 26 October 2015

5 DIY projects for your beloved pets

Our pets fill our lives with immense joy and positivity. Be it after a stressful day at work or a busy bee routine for the week, our pets are always there to not just relieve us from stress but also show us that someone cares. So in return, we can do something for these bundles of joy too.

In this week’s release, we are going to see five simple DIY projects that we can create to reciprocate the love and affection to your pets.

1.       Pallet dog bed

source: iheartdogs

Transform your old pallet into a brand new bed for your dog or cat. The concept is pretty simple, which would require you simple ingredients like an old pallet, measuring tape, fabric and other stuff like paint and zippers to showcase your favorite kind of art on your dog’s cot.
For a step by step tutorial, click

2.       Suitcase bed for your cat

source: vetcall

How amazing it is to have a perfect and cozy bed for your beautiful fluffy cat made out of your old suitcase? Well, this simple DIY tutorial will tell you how.

3.       Feeding station for your pet

source: etsy

You enjoy your delicious food at the dining table; how about making a perfect dining station for your pet as well? Click on this simple tutorial to learn how to do it-

4.       Cute fabric teepee

source: fudgeandjoy

Pets love to spend time with you outdoors and hence, the best gift you can give your pets is by creating a cute fabric teepee to make their outdoor moments fun and memorable with you. Follow this easy step by step guide to create one yourself—

5.       Homemade organic shampoo

source: seespotbake

If you believe in avoiding the chemical decked shampoos in the market and sticking to organic and herbal stuff, then why not create some organic stuff for your pets as well? This easy guide to make home made shampoo for your furry buddy is not just easy but also great for its health—

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