Friday, 4 December 2015

5 cool DIY projects to improve your home

For everybody, their home sweet home is always special. It is the place that you don’t just call your very own, but also feel most comfortable in, and on that note, what better way to put your creative mind and DIY skills to use other than decorating and improving your home?

So in this week’s release, we give you five DIY projects to enhance your homes—

1      A family tree wall décor

source: pinterest

Family is the most important thing in one’s life and it is what makes a home what it is. Follow this simply tutorial to create a personalized family tree for the walls of your living room or dining area and let it reflect all the beautiful moments of togetherness and love.

    Flower vases 

source: pinterest

Flowers always instill positive vibes in a home. In order to make flower vases like the ones above, all you need is wine bottles, some paint and twine. Click for the tutorial.

1       Guitar book shelf

source: recyclart

This is the most creative prospect for book lovers to showcase their DIY skills for something that they love immensely—books! Use your old guitar to build your brand new book shelf! For a step by step guide, visit

       Chandelier lights with tree branch

source: designboom

This one is the true definition of getting the best out of the waste, with some creative DIY hands. Use an old tree branch to build a brand new chandelier with lights and bulbs and decorate your dining space or living room. Visit for the tutorial.

       Bulletin board
source: huffington post

Decorate your bedroom wall with a customized bulletin board, featuring memories with friends, family, as well as to-do list to keep a track of your everyday routine. Visit for tutorial.

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