Friday, 4 September 2015

5 DIY projects for pros

The world of DIY projects is quite a dynamic sphere. While some of these projects need contents that are pretty handy and also flexible to work on with time constraints, some projects are a little trickier and require a lot of patience, vision and of course DIY skills.

In this release, we are going to list 5 DIY projects that are for pros— 

Wooden chopper

If you are too good with wooden work and crafts, this is your thing, especially if you are aiming at brushing up your skills with work that requires minute detailing. Gift it to someone or keep it as a work of art in your own house—this wooden helicopter requires a lot of concentration, patience and detailing skills to look something like this, with finesse.

      Moroccan tea set

If you are a seeker for fine dining places with beautiful and lavish looking crockery and tea sets, then perhaps you would like to build one set yourself for your own dining table. This subtle yet classy DIY project of tea set adds a layer of charm to your home décor. 

    Vertical Wooden book shelves

Whether you are a voracious reader yourself or not, if DIY is your thing, then you should definitely give this wooden book shelf a try. With such a clean, subtle and organized design, it is certainly meant to add an elegant dimension to your room.

       Knitted mono/multi coloured gloves

So if you are planning a trip to Finland or any other cold location, layers are most definitely going to be your best pas during the trip. So why not give knitting your own gloves a try? Added advantage is you get to choose your desired colours. So, if you are all set to go to a cold land and beat the heat—just knit!

      Patch blankets/quilts

From baby blankets to quilts for adults, patchwork can help you create so much of variety, with elegant and classy designs. From black and white to darker shades, if you have mastered the art of patchwork, then this is something you should definitely give a try!

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