Friday, 26 October 2012

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner - Black & Decker

Have you seen the article about the gold-plated vacuum cleaner aimed at affluent people who still do their own cleaning? That’s definitely not a feasible choice for most of us, so when it comes to the question of which vacuum cleaner we need to buy for our needs, it needs a lot more thought and discussion. Here are some points you should keep in mind when going to choose your new vacuum cleaner:

Cleaning needs: If you have a larger living space, and need a lot of extensive floor cleaning, then a big heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that also comes with a lot of attachments for cleaning nooks and corners might be the best vacuum cleaner for you. When looking at smaller spaces, and for cleaning areas like cars or blinds, a compact and handheld vacuum cleaner would be ideal.

Wired/wireless: While this also relates to the previous point, as larger vacuum cleaners are usually also the wired ones, it can also be a minor decision point. I have heard of people complaining that the long vacuum wire is a hassle, and in such cases going for a battery operated vacuum cleaner solves the problem.

Special needs: In case your house has a lot of carpeted area, you should ask specifically about a vacuum that works well on carpets. Another example may be someone who has pets and needs an effective vacuum to easily clean up pet hair. Make sure to discuss with the salesman and get all doubts cleared before deciding.

Price range: If you have a budget in mind, then start looking around in the price range you would like to begin with. Only if you don’t find something appropriate, you can rethink your budget and slowly start moving towards slightly more expensive models.

Ease of use: An upright vacuum cleaner might be a bit heavier, but due to the wheels even a senior citizen may be able to use it without much trouble. In such cases, the person who is going to be the primary user of the machine should visit the showroom personally and try out the appliance before making a final decision.

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