Thursday, 25 October 2012

Do you share the chores at home with your wife? - Black & Decker

We all love to debate on the age old topic of how the woman in the house is burdened with the never ending household chores while the man gets to put up his feet once he is back from work.

The general bone of contention is that the ambiguous work specifications that are associated with a home. There is never a definite demarcation of what exactly entails the key responsibilities of a home-maker or even for that matter the lady of the house.

The equal footing of genders has somehow not quite seeped within the four-walls of a majority of households where the woman is primarily responsible to keep a home up and running. The man generally gets away being just the bread-winner even if the woman is also an earning member.

This has sparked off resentful debates on the part of the women who largely shoulder most of the work done around the house, of not having the luxury to relax while the man in question takes over.  However, this article throws a completely different light on this subject with its findings.

The crux of the article is that with couples, where the women are finicky about how the things get done, there could be general dissatisfaction and unhappiness over sharing work that is considered to be their domain of expertise.  This dissatisfaction could spell disturbances in their relationship too.

While this debate can go on endlessly, this is surely an interesting insight into this multi-layered, multi-dimensional topic of debate, which must be quite welcome by the men fraternity.

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