Friday, 17 August 2012

The Steam Mop, from Black and Decker

Keeping our houses germ free is something everyone strives for, especially if you have children or pets. In an effort to make sure it’s completely germ free, you often end up using harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to you and your family because there might be chances of accidental consumption and other such accidents. 

So how do we keep the house clean without using such chemicals? With the Black&Decker Steam Mop of course!

When cleaning with steam, there is no need to rely on harsh chemicals for a deep down clean. Simply use regular tap water to wipe out 99.9% of germs to achieve a clean home the all-natural way. 

Here are some of the features of the Black & Decker Steam Mop:

Kills 99.9% of germs using just water: No chemicals required. Great for homes with kids or pets

SmartSelect Technology: With SmartSelect™ Technology, simply turn the dial to the specific floor type –hardwood/laminate, tile/ vinyl, or stone/marble – and the mop automatically releases the right amount of steam. SmartSelect helps to assure a thorough yet delicate cleaning on all sealed hard floors and is even safe on sealed hardwoods.

Ready-To-Go Tank Illumination: changes from red to blue when the water reaches the correct temperature.

Swivel Steering: Users can easily maneuver around furniture and into corners.

Easy-glide Microfiber Pad: effortlessly glides across floor locking in dirt and grime. Machine washable and reusable

Hands-free Pad Removal: for easy release by simply stepping on the pad.

High Capacity Tank: holds enough water for over twenty-five minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.

The Steam Mop, from Black & Decker gets your house clean using ONLY water and it does it in half of the usual time required. Buy yours today.

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