Friday, 27 March 2015

Do-It-Yourself For the Kids This Summer

We're midway through March which means there are only a few weeks left until the country shifts into the summer season. The heat usually brings a few things along with it for example, longer days, constant use of air conditioning and of course summer holidays.

The Summer Holidays

Having the kids at home for a couple of months is great as they get some much needed rest from the hectic school routine and it’s the perfect time for you as parents to bond with them. During this time you can expect a little more mess and a little less space in and around the house especially if they decide to have sleepovers and so on. Technology has become a kid’s best friend in recent years, maybe this summer it’s time for a shift in focus. To get kids back outside your garden needs to be much more appealing than an iPad or an Xbox.

What Needs To Be Done

To make your garden a fun place, it needs to look like one. This means that weeds need to be removed, the lawn needs to be mowed and hedges trimmed. This is where Black & Decker comes in. Our range of expert gardening tools are easy to use and will get the job done.

Once your backyard looks nice and clean you’ll need to add a few things to make it into a haven for a child’s play and adventure. You could try the following;

1.      An inflatable swimming pool
2.      A sand pit
3.      A football goal or basketball hoop.
If a space is provided there’s no doubt that children will occupy it during the two months they have off, because let’s face it, they’ll get bored inside the house pretty quickly.

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