Friday, 15 May 2015

Innovative Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

We’re half way through the summer and a feeling of relief can be sensed among the population. Some cities across the country witnessed an extremely hot summer period while others felt right at home in the blistering heat. Before we start our monsoon celebrations we still have about 60 days of the season left.
We're giving you a few tips and tricks that you can try to stay cool and beat the heat this summer, some may sound strange but trust us, they work.

1. Utilize the freezer

About 10-15 minutes before you sleep, put your sheets in the freezer to cool off. Do make sure you place them in a plastic bag before you place them inside the freezer as you don’t want the smell of yesterday’s dinner to be absorbed by the fabric.

2. The wet cloth method
This trick is right out of a science book and it works wonders. Place a damp cloth over a stand fan or in front of an open window, when the fan is switched on or a breeze comes through, it’ll cool down the room instantly.

3. The cold water bottle

In the winter, many of us resort to hot water bottles to keep us warm, but you can also use them in the summer. Simply fill ice-cold water into it and keep it with you when the heat becomes unbearable.

4. Get down
We all know that hot air rises. So the perfect place to set up camp would be closer to the ground. Substitute your fancy bed for a comfortable mattress and you'll feel cooler in no time.

5. Get creative

Grains like rice and buckwheat aren't just for consuming, you can make a pillow using these as they don't absorb heat like cotton or goose feathers.

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