Thursday, 3 March 2016

3 DIY projects every tech freak must try

It is often said that people with an intense dedication towards technology and gadgets are most likely to be the creative ones. And when its creativity that we are talking about, how can we forget DIY projects—that only aims at boosting one’s creativity!

So in this release, we enlist some simple yet significant DIY projects that every tech freak mind should and would love to try—

1.       Cassette Tape iPod Case

source: geeky-gadgets

The trend of cassettes might be out and iPods in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a bit of the antiquated trend and blend it into present to make something meaningful and creative. This iPod case made of old cassette cases is surely a creative tech freak mind’s proud innovation. For the tutorial, click here.

1.       Solar oven

Source: off-grid

Tech freaks are by default science lovers, and what better way to profess their love for science than using one’s primary school science tactics for building something innovate and also environment friendly? This simple DIY solar oven is a wonder of how sun’s rays can be beneficial in so many ways, in this case, being able to cook in your porch or backyard. Here’s the tutorial:

1.       Earthquake detector

Source: infigeek

Living in an earthquake prone zone can be tough, and prevention is always better than cure. So you can build up your very own earthquake detector with your knack for technology and creativity, following this tutorial:

Share your tech DIY ideas with us

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