Thursday, 13 December 2012

4 Handy Tools to Keep Around the House - Black & Decker

While we are still getting used to the idea of DIY for larger projects such as making our own furniture or painting a room, there are a lot of small jobs around the house that can be made easier by having the right tools. Did you ever feel when confronted by a simple task, that if only you had the right implement in hand, you could have easily done it yourself. This list will give you an idea on the 5 handy tools to keep around the house:

1.    Screwdriver: From the kitchen where those screws holding your saucepan handles keep getting mysteriously looser to the draw that looses a screw or nail once in a while, the screwdriver is the most necessary tool, and you cannot do without this one around the house. Black and Decker has a range of screwdrivers to meet your needs.

2.    Drill Kit: When you need to put up that small shelf, or even just a new portrait on the wall, a home drill kit is an amazing set to have around. You will feel very empowered to not need to wait on the carpenter for every small task, and once you start doing this, you might start attempting those tougher looking DIY ideas too.
3.     Mop: We are not referring to the usual plain old mop that requires you to bend and stretch a bit too much, not to mention makes it really hard to reach those under-the-bed places. Once you check out a product like our intelligent steam mop, you will never want to use anything else. It uses just water to clean up your floors of dirt and bacteria, and even has settings for different types of floors.

4.     Vacuum cleaner: For those corners that no dust cloth can reach, as well as areas like blinds that are otherwise very difficult to clean, having a vacuum cleaner will make your task much faster and easier. There is a range of vacuum cleaners available and you can choose the one best suited for your needs.

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