Friday, 14 December 2012

Introducing some lesser known tools - Black & Decker

Other than the usual set of tools and appliances that are usually quite well known, such as the vacuum or the drill kit, there are also a few less known ones that we do not hear of too much. You would be surprised once you hear of them, as they can be very useful for tasks around the house. Here’s a short look at some of them:

Pressure Washer: When it comes to cleaning your car or your garden area, nothing can beat the pressure washer. If you are concerned about the loss of water, it can actually conserve water compared to using a hose, as the mechanism allows you to control and spray only what is necessary. The force of the water also makes the cleaning more efficient so you will need less water in that way too. Black & Decker brings you a range of pressure washers, and you can choose the one that would suit your requirement.

Paint Roller: Try one of these to paint your wall the next time you need a repaint and you will never call any painters home again. The innovative RapidRoller from Black & Decker is even more efficient than using a standard roller with tray, as the paint is stored directly in the device and makes the entire process less messy and quicker.

Blower: A blower comes with different settings for different tasks, which makes it very versatile. It can be used for cleaning delicate devices like computer CPUs and also for clearing dry leaves from your garden. The B & D blower comes with a vacuum attachment too.

Car Polisher: If you thought that the car service centre was the only place you could go to for a polishing job, you will be pleasantly surprized to try the car polisher and see how easy it makes your job. It can be used to polish the car as well as other metal or painted surfaces with great results.

I hope this short introduction of the above tools was interesting enough to make you want to go and check them out at our stores. Please do see our website for more details of these products, as well as for a map with our store locations in India.

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