Monday, 2 December 2013

Kitchen DIY Projects for the Beginner

The kitchen is a great space to look for ideas for your DIY projects, and there are many options even for beginners to try their hand at. Do remember though, that you must take your skill level into account when choosing your project, and know when to call in the professionals as well! Here are some easy ideas to add your DIY personal touches in the kitchen:

Wall mounted storage options: The secret to a clean looking kitchen slab is to get all your appliances and knick-knacks off that level. The solution is easy – just hang them up! There are a lot of great options available for wall mounted storage solutions, and with a drill kit like the one below, you can easily put them all up yourself.

Tiling a wall portion: The area close to your cooking stove or hob should be designed in such a way that it is easy to wipe off oil stains and other cooking related spots and splashes. Tiles are one of the good options for it, and you can put them up quite easily by yourself for a small area. Measure the space and plan the layout well according to the size of the tiles, and use cement for attaching to the wall and a sealant for the joints for a professional looking finish.

Paint cupboards or cabinets: You no longer have to redo your cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh look. It is easier to just paint them with the shade you like, and they will start looking as good as new. With the effort-saving tools like our RapidRoller now available, you can complete this project quickly and with a minimal amount of splattering or mess.

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