Friday, 22 November 2013

Quirky DIY Projects – II

Most young parents would have noticed that young children seem to love to draw or paint on the walls, and it is really tough to get them out of this habit. What if you could encourage it instead, by simply creating a space for them where they can write or draw all they feel like? You can turn any portion of wall or the entire wall itself into a blackboard by using chalkboard or blackboard paint. The hardware store might even sell you a small sample to try if you would like to test it out on a small space first.

Step 1: Much like any other painting project, the space must first be cleaned of any protrusions or nails. After this, use a rough paper such as sandpaper to remove dust and any loose particles.

Step 2: Depending on the type of surface, you may require a primer to prepare the surface. This might not be necessary if you are just converting a small portion of your wall, but do take an expert’s advice if required.

Step 3: Tape the edges using painter’s tape to give you a clear edge to your blackboard area. This is especially important for amateur painters and DIYers as we would not be able to get a straight lined edge otherwise.

Step 4: Use a good quality paintbrush and apply a thick coat of the blackboard paint.

Step 5: Wait for the paint to dry (give it at least 6 hours, or leave it overnight) and give it another coat for a smooth and glossy finish.

Once dry, your blackboard is ready to use! This process can be used even for making a to-do list in your kitchen or home office, with some differences in preparing the surface where necessary. For painting large surfaces, the B&D BDPR400 RapidRoller can make your job faster and lot less messy as well. Do check out this and our other products at our website:

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