Friday, 1 November 2013

B&D Buddy - 10

Dear B&D Buddy,

I am a working mom who has to finish all my cooking in the morning, not to mention all the coffees and teas that everyone likes to drink as soon as they get up. Boiling water on the stove seems to take so much time, especially when I need hot or warm water for something or the other every few minutes! I don’t want to get into hot water every day, and want to be able to get some instead! Help!!

Hassled in Hassan

Dear Hassled,

Don’t worry about getting into hot water anymore as I have an answer to your question, and this is one appliance that I love to use all through the day as well for making my green teas. The electric kettles from Black & Decker are the easiest way to get hot water in a jiffy, and you will find them super useful for everything from coffee or tea to needing hot water for your gravies while cooking. Even when someone has a cold, you don’t need to depend on flasks and can get fresh hot water every time.

Easier Done than Said,
B&D Buddy

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