Friday, 15 November 2013

5 Appliances that Reduce your Time in the Kitchen

Some days it feels like you get into the kitchen in the morning and the next thing you know the entire day has been spent there! We would like to present a few appliances that reduce the time you need to spend on food preparation and still get healthy and tasty food in the bargain. Here is our countdown:

5. It is great to have a healthy juice as a part of your meal, and for raw food enthusiasts the juice might even be the meal itself! B&D provides you citrus juicers as well as performance juice extractors that can provide you a juice out of any fruit or vegetable you throw into it. See here for the complete range.

4. The B&D range of kettles provides you access to hot or boiling water in a jiffy, which is sure to facilitate all your cooking from having hot water handy for your gravies to making your filter coffee every morning.

3. Tired of hand whisking for long for that favourite baking recipe? Try out and see how much faster the B&D M160 Hand Mixer makes it for you. Our hand blenders also include the SB2100 that helps you churn out your kids’ favourite smoothies and healthy soups within a few minutes.

2. I think most cooks would agree that chopping of vegetables is one of the most time consuming tasks in the kitchen. The B&D SC5000 Super Chopper is just the right answer to that particular problem!

1. The one appliance that nearly everyone could not live without and definitely merits to be the No. 1 appliance in the kitchen is the Food Processor. From kneading dough to grinding needs of so many types, this one is a must-have.

Do you agree with our list or do you think something else should have made the list too? Do share your thoughts with us! For details of all B&D products, do check out our webpage:

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