Friday, 31 July 2015

Five DIY’ing Instagrammers

In this week’s release, we have searched through Instagram thoroughly to bring you a few DIY projects and crafts that people around the world have done. Some are functional, while others are decorative and you will probably find one that is both.

Hopefully these will inspire you to kick on and try a project for yourself.
  1. Let’s start small. Something nice for you hyper children to keep them occupied. Although make sure when they're playing, they're also wearing safety goggles.
  2. Speaking of children, what about some minion cupcakes. They're easier than you think.
  3. Sticking to the small ones. What about these DIY earrings? Great work by this instagrammer!
  4. A photo posted by @heavens_natives on
  5. Here is something a little more functional. Now your shoes can be kept as neatly as your clothes.
  6. For those more adventurous, here is an idea for your bedroom.
Are you brave enough?

Let us know which one of these you liked and would consider trying, leave your questions and comments below and we will help you with any information regarding the tools you will need and the materials.

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