Friday, 17 July 2015

How to Hide Those Ugly Electrical Cables

Televisions, home theatres, DTH boxes, all of these have one thing in common and that’s ugly looking wires. What is the point of having a clean, well maintained home if everybody can see those ugly wires hanging out or spread across the floor? There has to be a way to conceal them. In today’s blog we will be giving you a few ideas on how to hide those ugly cables and add something unique to your house.

The Regular

First up, you have your everyday methods that everybody uses, if you’re the type that doesn't worry too much about aesthetics but mostly on functionality then these methods will suit you just fine. They're easy to do and the materials will not cost you too much either.

Rubber pipes, commonly used and very effective. They're also wallet friendly.

Source: Unplggd

A cage holder. Looks more difficult than it really is but offers you a different dimension.

Source: Buzzfeed

Pandora’s Box. All you need to do, is to make subtle colour boxes.

Source: Buzzfeed

It doesn't have to be just leaves, you could try anything.

Source: Viral Nova

The Creative

If you fall into the category that is completely opposite of the one above and your home aesthetics matter a lit, you will definitely love these ideas. They may require a bit more of your time but you can’t put a time limit on innovation.

Wire art. This may take some time but it’s definitely worth the effort.


Source: WooHome & HermanMiller

The Socket House. You can also add some colour and design to really spruce it up.

Source: WooHome

How about a TV Tree?

Source: Etsy

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It is all up to you and your choice of expressions. Now you will never have to worry about the messy cable pile or spending hours to untangle them.

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