Sunday, 22 July 2012

Before you DIY

‘     Do it yourself’ or DIY is a trend that is gathering more and more followers around the world every day! If you are about to join the DIY bandwagon, here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you take up your project! 

         1. Make sure it is a DIY project: Minor repairs and painting the walls can be considered DIY projects. Any project that requires technical skill should be done by professionals only!

2    2. Make sure that it’s not temporary interest. If you plan to take up a DIY project make sure that you are committed to it. Losing focus or interest while in the middle of the project will mostly likely end in a half done project.

      3. Plan ahead of time. A DIY project is not something that can or should be done at the drop of a hat. You should take time to plan out the entire project. Once you set up a timeline, try and follow it as much as possible. Another reason to plan ahead with DIY projects is because you might not have all the tools required for the project. by planning ahead you have time to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment. 

      4. Before you take up a project there are two things you should keep in mind: Time and Skill. Do not take up any DIY project unless you have the time to see it through to the end. Make sure your project is within your skill set. Any project which requires excessive technical skill is best left to the professionals.

     5. Lastly, be safe! Refer to our article on safety, to know 10 ways to stay safe while operating power tools or heavy machinery.

 Once you have all this cleared, you should have no problem with your DIY project! Good luck and Stay safe!

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