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Black & Decker : 100 Years of History and Innovation

Black & Decker is THE largest producer of power tools and accessories in the world! What started as a small store in Baltimore has today become a global company present in more than a 100 countries! In 2010 Black& Decker was extremely proud to celebrate its 100th birthday. Whether it was getting the first ever patent for a power drill or sending their drill to the moon, Black &Decker has had a glorious past. Here’s a look at some of the milestones that have made Black& Decker what it is today! 

In 1910, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker invest $1200 to open a small store in Baltimore

1916 – B&D files its first patent application for a portable electric drill. This transformed stationary power tools into portable ones

1919 – In an extremely short amount of time (9 years) B&D records over 1 million in annual sales. 

1922 – Black&Decker crosses the border for the first time to Canada, where it opens its first wholly owned assembly operation and sales, service and warehouse facility outside the U.S.

1928 – B&D makes its first acquisition of another tool company, the Van Dorn Electric Tool Company! 

1936 – Black&Decker’s common stock is listed and begins trading at the New York Stock Exchange. 

1943 – B&D receives the Army – Navy ‘E’ Award for their production of gun shells and fuses for the allies to use during the WWII.

1946 –The beginning of the ‘Do- It- Yourself’ (DIY) Revolution! Following reports that a number of their employees were taking the drills home for personal use, B&D introduced the portable drills for consumers! 

1960 - Black&Decker makes a significant acquisition by welcoming DeWalt into the B&D fold. 

1961 – B&D introduces the world’s first cordless electric drill. 

1963 – B&D contributes to the space race by developing a cordless minimum torque tool for astronauts to use while in weightless flight conditions for Project Gemini. 

1970 – A B&D museum which chronicles the evolution of product design, manufacturing processes, marketing strategies and financial activities. 

1971 – The Apollo Lunar Surface Drill with a power head is built by Black and Decker and used to successfully removes core samples from the moon during NASA’s Apollo 15 mission. 

1989 – Acquired Emhart Corp and in turn -> Kwikset, Price Pfister, Molly Anchors, POP Rivets, True Temper, Golf Club Shafts and other consumer and commercial goods all add to the B&D product arsenal. Also, in 1989, B&D was inducted in NASA’S Hall Of Fame for their contribution to the Gemini and Apollo Space missions. 

1992 – Enters India and China via joint ventures.

2003 – Black and Decker acquires Baldwin Hardware. 

2009 – Black& Decker announce plans to merge with Stanley Works 4.5 billion dollar all stock deal. 

2010 – Black& Decker celebrates 100 years of innovation! 

In 2010, Black&Decker merges with Stanley works to become, Stanley Black&Decker.

 Over the years Black&Decker has maintained “People are our Pride". B&D has worked very hard to build strong relationships with all its people, employees and customers alike. That is why today, Black & Decker has been integrated into the lives of anyone who associates themselves with it. 

Black & Decker has had a fantastic 100 years! Here’s hoping for a 100 more, with you. 

To read about the impact Black&Decker has had on its employees and customers check out this link: 

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