Thursday, 26 July 2012

Orb-It, from Black& Decker

Have you heard of the Black& Decker Orb-It, but are not really sure what it is? Well, look no further, here you have an overview of the Orb-It!

-          The new Orb-It™ from Black & Decker effortlessly combines performance and style.

-          Pull the handle out and nozzle flips open to transform the Orb-it ™ into a vacuum cleaner!

-          Ultra compact and light weight design, ideal for quick clean ups around the home or office.

-          Innovative design blends into the home environment, decoratively stores on kitchen worktops, office desks, side tables and more.

-          Charges and displays on a small stand, always to hand and ready for use.

-          Blue LED charging status indicator - flashes blue when charging and stays blue when fully charged.

-          Translucent and easy open door, see the dirt and know when to empty the dust bowl.

-          180 ml Bowl Capacity - optimal for light dust and crumb busting tasks.

-          Intricate cleaning accessories included for cleaning awkward areas and tight spaces.

-          Premium metallic finish and a range of colors to choose from.

There you have it, the Black& Decker Orb-it, everything you need to know! But if you want to know even more, check out this site:
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