Tuesday, 12 March 2013

DIY Ideas for your Bathroom - Black & Decker, India

The bathroom tends to be a much-neglected space sometimes, especially where décor is concerned. You will find though, that with just a few DIY ideas, you can liven up this area and make it a pleasure for yourself and guests to walk into at any time. Here they are:

Look for space saving items: Especially in bathrooms where you may not have too much space, it’s a good idea to not get it too cluttered with décor items, and instead to look at compact and multi-functional items. An example would be a cabinet that has a mirror attached to it, so that you don’t have to arrange for separate storage space for your toiletries. Attaching the cabinet to your wall or tiles will be a breeze using a drill kit like Black & Decker’s.

Light up the space: Even if you decide to use darker floor tiles, it is a good option to paint your walls a lighter colour as it makes the area look much brighter and pleasanter. Even if you use professional help for the tile laying, painting the rest of the area can be made approachable if you use the right tools.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashleytheartist2002/266687322/
Create storage: As a beginner, you can buy the ready to assemble kits from your local store and try putting it together and hanging it up yourself, with the help of the drill kit. As you gain experience however, you can look at options such as creating a simple one from scratch using water proof plywood and a paint such as Duco to keep it well protected.

Add a décor item: It could be a lovely framed picture or painting, or a plant in the right place – keep it simple, but elegant. When leaving plants in the bathroom, do remember that they need to be aired out every few days or the quality of light and air may not be sufficient for them to thrive. Flowers in a vase have an additional effect of acting as a freshener too.

We hope that by being hands-on about each decision, you can make the bathroom as elegant as all your other rooms. Do check out our appliances and other details on our website: http://www.blackanddeckerindia.in

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