Friday, 1 March 2013

What all can you clean with just Steam? - Black & Decker, India

Most of us are becoming aware of the harmful impacts of cleaning our homes with products loaded with chemicals, and especially those of us who have allergies or children with allergies experience the issues with chemicals even faster. Many a time, I have tried preparing eco-friendly concoctions to use as cleaning agents, and the effort needed to do this has discouraged me quite a bit. But what if a whole lot of places in our homes can be cleaned with just plain old steam? Let’s take a look:

Hobs and Stove-tops: Most of the grease that collects on your stovetop can be taken care of by cleaning it off with really hot water or steam. This needs to be done soon after cooking, so that the stain does not set in and become a little tougher to remove. In case of stubborn stains, you can try adding a little baking soda or lime, which will definitely remove them.

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Sinks and Washbasins: Just a quick wipe with steaming hot water once a day or even less often depending on use can keep your sinks shining bright and a pleasure to use. This is especially useful in metal sinks that have ridges that are really tough to clean with even a scrubber. Using an appliance that can literally blow off steam could be a great option.

Ovens and oven trays: Though many ovens come with a self-cleaning mode, you will still find some deposits that do not get cleaned unless you add some intensive scrubbing. Such an action can make your metal surfaces look worn out very soon, and therefore using steam as a cleaning agent here would really help maintain the life and shiny look of your appliances.

Shower areas and Tiles: A lot of the sticky dirt that gets collected in your shower spaces and tiled floors can be tackled very well with steam. Especially with light coloured floor tiles, we all know how tough it is to get those joints looking clean, and steam is the best idea for the job.

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