Monday, 25 February 2013

DIY Ideas for your Kids’ Rooms - Black & Decker, India

We hope you liked our DIY ideas for the kitchen and living room spaces in your home. Do drop us a line if you tried any of them out already. Meanwhile, we continue the series with some lovely DIY ideas for your Kids’ Rooms.

Repurposing old furniture: From turning over an old stool to use as a storage cube, to going a bit more advanced and up-cycling an old crib, there is a lot to be done in this room without even needing to buy a whole lot of new stuff. Do check out some great crib recycle ideas at this Pinterest page. Most of these can be attempted easily even by an amateur if you have a good home utility kit.

Turning a wall into art space: The artistic among you can take over a wall, say the one by the side of the child’s bed and decorate it according to your child’s current interests. Cars, dinosaurs or just some lovely flowers can add a unique look to the room and your child will treasure the effort you put into it. One more way to do this are by using ready to stick items such as glowing stars or butterflies to provide colour.

Unleash your child’s creativity: Along with your kid helping you out in the above exercise, another great way to give them their own space would be to turn one portion of a wall into a blackboard area. You can do this very easily with blackboard paint that is available in all hardware stores, not to mention our very own Easy Roller product that will make you feel like a pro even on your first paint job.

Don’t you think these shelves would work well for cars as well? 
Shelves, shelves and more shelves: Storage space in a kids’ room is always an issue, with the toys and books just seeming to explode all over the space. If you can install even simple single shelves on the wall, this takes away a lot of the clutter from the floor, and helps keep the place a bit tidier. You can keep some of these at the child’s level and leave them in charge of organizing the lower ones too.

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