Tuesday, 5 February 2013

DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day - Black & Decker, India

The next big day on the calendar is the much talked about Valentine’s Day that has turned into a day of celebration not just for couples in love, but for families too. It can indeed be a great way of expressing love, and nothing says it better than a handmade gift for the occasion. Here are some ideas:

Cards: These may now be considered a bit old school, but the charm of a handwritten and handcrafted card cannot be matched by most other gifts. All it needs are simple ingredients like chart paper, colouring agents like paints or crayons, and something interesting like dried flowers or quilled papers for a unique addition.

Special Meal: Look up a few new recipes and surprise your partner or family with a home-prepared meal. The availability of exotic ingredients and the wealth of information online, make it a much easier task than it used to be even a few years back. Even an amateur cook can come up with a well thought out and lovely meal.

Cookies: Whether it be the predictable but always favourite heart shaped ones or something a bit more unusual, something for the sweet tooth is always a good idea for Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to be a seasoned baker for cookies, and you will easily find approachable recipes online such as these.

Keepsakes: You could choose to print or stitch a pattern on a t-shirt for the entire family or make a heart-shaped piece of furniture especially for the occasion, and whichever the gift, it is sure to bring back memories of the day for your loved ones. You can consider this as a great chance to start using that home utility kit and make a beginning to that tough DIY project you always thought about.

Kids’ special: A great way to introduce the significance of Valentine’s Day to your kids is to involve them in a project to make gifts for the family. Putting the finished product into a frame will also give you something to cherish for many years.

I hope you can pick up a couple of ideas from here to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. We can provide you all the tools you might need at Black & Decker, do drop in at our website to have a look:

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