Saturday, 23 February 2013

An Introduction to Metalworking - Black & Decker, India

Not all of us may want to try our hand at metalworking, but once immersed quite well into DIY it might start to sound appealing to us instead of calling the professionals for every small task. Here are some things to keep in mind before embarking on our first metalworking project:

Match the tool to your need: You will see a range of power tools available for metalworking – for example, Black & Decker offers you 5 types of Angle Grinders depending on the power and speed that you require for metal grinding, cutting and finishing. Some people might like to use angle grinders even for cutting rough edges off brick and mortar, and if you have such requirements, you must discuss this need with the store personnel before deciding on the model.

Safety gear: Especially in the field of metalworking, the efficiently of your safety equipment is nearly as important if not more than your metalworking tools. Protective eyeglasses, and a completely covered protective suit and gloves resistant to heat are an absolute necessity, as well as setting up a safe area such as a garage or shed for the actual working.

G720 800 Watts 100mm Small Angle Grinder

Training and Supervision: Before using metalworking gear on your own, try to spend some time training with a professional as well as a few supervised hours trying out simple operations. In this way, any basic handing errors will be corrected before you approach your own DIY project, and you will feel much more confident too.

Research and Information: “Metal” is a general term, and there are many different types like steel, aluminium, brass and bronze that react differently to heat and pressure – for e.g. aluminium is quite hard to cut. Try to gather information on some basic types of metal that you might be working with, and discuss your project with an experienced person to ensure you have a clear idea of the way you are going to deal with the chosen raw material.

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