Tuesday, 19 February 2013

DIY Ideas for your Living Room - Black & Decker, India

We hope you liked the DIY ideas for your kitchen that we wrote about in last week’s blog. Continuing the series on easy DIY ideas for your home, let us next move to the living room where we really can have more options than we can choose from. Here are some of them that even beginners can try out:

Paint a wall and use it as a focus: You can easily change the entire look of a room by painting just one wall in an accent colour. Try to plan it in such a way that natural light or a light fixture can be used on this wall to brighten it up further. Painting is now quite an easy task with tools such as the Easy Roller from Black & Decker.

Photo/Painting Wall: You can use the colour accented wall, or even a white one, and use it a canvas for displaying a set of photos or paintings of your choice. You can even hang the items in such a way that you can change to a different set from time to time and make the space even more dynamic. Drilling a hole for a nail is no longer a scary experience with the range of power drills that are available.

Create a unique piece of Furniture: For the adventurous, this could mean buying wood and making something from scratch. If that feels like a lot, another way to go about it is to buy or use an old but good quality piece of furniture and make it look unique by polishing or painting in a different way. This can really be a conversation piece and something for you to be proud of for a long time.

Mirrors: A large mirror can be hung up on one wall and this really creates the feeling of space in the room. Make it even more interesting by creating a frame for the mirror using paint or beads and your guests will definitely be giving it a second look.

Reupholster chairs: We usually depend on carpenters or tailors to do this for us, but you would be surprised by how easy some dining chairs are to upholster once you start the process. Do give it a try.

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