Friday, 8 February 2013

How to ensure safety during DIY? - Black & Decker, India

Many of us are just entering the realm of DIY and may wonder how safe it all is, especially if we get into using power tools at home. There are a lot of measures taken by companies who manufacture the tools to ensure that the tools are safe for use, but we need to also ensure that any other precautions needed at our end are in place. Here are a few of them to set us thinking:

Learn about the device: When buying something unfamiliar to you, ensure that you see a demo of the device before buying it. There would also be someone to help out with understanding the correct grip and position for using power tools so that you can ensure that they are used effectively and in a safe manner.

Safety Goggles: In most DIY projects involving woodwork or metalworking, the use of safety goggles is a must. Even with the best tools, some projectile objects are to be expected, and it is always better to keep sensitive areas like the eyes covered up. content/uploads/2012/11/power_tool_safety_goggles.jpg

Gloves: Your hands need to always be protected, in any activity from gardening to carpentry to other more intensive projects like metalworking. A good pair of thick protective gloves should be available in most good hardware stores and any places selling power tool equipment will also be able to guide you in procuring the same.

Protective clothing: In the case of metalworking, you might need a full set of protective gear which covers all your clothing as well as your head and face. This may be more relevant for those in the professional sphere but it cannot miss a mention here.

Cleaning up: From the time you start working even on craftwork projects with your children, clearing up the space at the end of an activity is an essential learning. Pins or scissors lying around can be a danger to younger children and toddlers, and similarly wood chips or other tools must be cleared up and put away immediately as well.

If you think something has been missed out in the above list, do leave us a comment and we will update accordingly. Do have a look at our website for our world class tools that can aid you to safely embark on the DIY journey.

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