Friday, 5 April 2013

Cleaning Gadgets – Then and Now - Black & Decker, India

Like most other appliances, cleaning gadgets such as vacuum cleaners have also gone through a lot of changes, and the present look and function is very different from what they started out to be. Here are some interesting tidbits from the history of cleaning appliances over the years:

1860: Daniel Hess may have been the first to invent and patent a vacuum device, but he called his invention a carpet sweeper. It used rotating brushes and bellows, and even had a water filtration mechanism for the dirt.

1901: Hubert Cecil Booth is considered the inventor of the first electric vacuum cleaning device, and he envisioned a gadget that sucked away the dust, rather than blowing it away which was the way until then. He received a British patent for his device in this year, and after demonstrating his device in a restaurant, two other Americans also constructed variations on the same.

1908: James Spangler created the first portable and electric suction-cleaning appliance, and this was the one that would be bought by his cousin’s husband William Hoover, to become the famous Hoover – the brand synonymous with home vacuum cleaners for many years.

1909: Other players like Fred Wardell who started the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company also enter the fray, with Eureka producing some of the first light vacuum cleaners of the time.

1920: The first vacuum cleaner with a disposable bag was introduced.

1955: The re-usable bags that you find in vacuum cleaners even today, were introduced this year.

1979: Black & Decker revolutionized the field with their device that was a cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner – the Dustbuster.

1981: James Dyson filed the patent for the first bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner.

 The sleek and shiny vacuum cleaners that we see nowadays definitely may not bear too much resemblance to what they looked like more than a hundred years ago. Black & Decker offers you a complete range of options – from upright to handheld, corded to cordless and more. Please do check our website for details of all models:

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