Monday, 15 April 2013

Why your maid will love cleaning your house now? - Black & Decker, India

Getting the maid clean up and dust the house on a regular basis can be a loathsome task for many a homemaker. Forget the tough corners which anyway get their face lift only on special occasions, even regular surfaces seem neglected.

Complaints like, “oh, Madam, I cannot bend as much. My back hurts.” or “the air is full of dust; I cleaned the table surface only yesterday. What can I do if the dust gathers every few hours?!” are common and to be fair not completely untrue.

Now all of this can be wished away like a bad dream. Cleaning appliances from Black and Decker are especially designed to suit the convenience of the customer and its features are so easy to use that even your maid can operate them without any difficulty.

Take for instance, the FSM1600 Steam Mop that effectively kills up to 99% of the bacteria from the floor surface and that too without using any chemical solution. It comes with excellent user-friendly features like releasing the right amount of steam for your floor type and stopping the steam when parked upright, all automatically. It glides easily across the floor and even maneuvers effortlessly around furniture and hard to reach corners.  Isn’t this a boon for anyone who uses the mop? Now, who can make up excuses when an appliance takes care of every detail!

Another such beauty is the ORB-IT 4.8V Dustbuster that is designed for intricate dusting and cleaning. It is a compact tool that also provides quick and hassle free cleaning.  It is also easy to empty out its contents and maintain. Since it also comes without a cord, maneuvering and mobility is never a problem. 

If cleaning of your hob, sink, toilets and bath tubs required you to pay a special allowance to the maid for the complexity and hard work, the FSS1600 Steambuster is the ideal solution. It cleans deep and uses steam to get rid of tough stains like grease, killing bacteria without using any surface cleaning agent. What’s more, it comes with 10 professional cleaning attachments included for cleaning cookers, hobs and BBQ’s, shower screens and tiles, bathtubs, sinks, taps and toilets.

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