Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How to keep kids busy in the summer holidays - Black & Decker, India

It’s that time of the year again, when kids go crazy with happiness, and parents may groan just a little bit with trying to keep them occupied in a useful way. This means finding something to do that could keep them away from the television and video games for a major part of the day. Here are some ideas:

Plan a lot of physical activity: Trips to the park, to the amusement park and even that long put-off activity of learning cycling – this is the best time for it all. It will increase the time you spend with your kids, as well as keep them happy to be active. If you can plan some of these as a group of kids and parents, that will make it even more enjoyable.

Indoor fun: If you leave kids indoors for too long, they tend to gravitate towards the television or the computer. You can make it tougher for them to do this by planning an interesting DIY activity such as this one. Older children can even help you with more difficult DIY tasks such as painting a wall, and simple cleaning up activities.

Summer camps: Most of us would have put children in at least one summer camp to keep them occupied for a couple of weeks away from home. Try to choose one according to the interest of the child, such as craftwork or carpentry. Another option is going for a camp with physical activities, which would help the children pick up a new sport like swimming or tennis.

Teach a new skill: This could be something as simple as reading that can open up a world of wonder for young children. If kids are interested, they could also learn something like knitting or crochet and make small decorative items to gift friends and relatives.

We hope you are having a great time with your kids during the holidays. For your DIY and cleaning tasks, we at Black & Decker provide a range of options to help you out. Please drop in at our website and have a look:

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