Friday, 19 April 2013

How our appliances have evolved-then and now - Black & Decker, India

The evolution theory of life can be applied to a lot of areas, especially technology, from the last few decades. We have certainly come a long way from using landline phone to going cordless to wireless to now having palm sized tablets that combine the activities of a phone and a computer.

This evolution is evident in the kind of appliances we use today too. Clearly the shift is from bulky, inconsistent, power and energy consuming to sleek, consistent and power and energy efficient. Black and Decker is proud to be a part of this sleek and efficient era with its product scoring in the  areas of appearance, maintenance, power consumption and effective and user friendly features and options.

In the age when there were no vacuum cleaners, the dust has to be physically wiped off using time consuming procedures. Then, came the bulky ones that were difficult to maneuver and clean. The attachments they came with did not clearly cover all the complexities of cleaning and the tough to reach areas got invariably left out. Maintaining the huge gadgets were a constraint in terms of energy consumption and also space.

Who would have thought a vacuum cleaner like the ORB-IT 4.8V Dustbuster would be so efficient in spite of its compact and sleek looks? The equipment could easily pass off as an ornamental show-piece!

This is the new age of DIY techniques where one can do away with the services of the good old local carpenter. Simple tasks like having nails hammered to complex tasks like designing and manufacturing your own coffee table can be done with new age tools.

A cordless 500W Powered Drill ideal for home drilling and hammer action suitable for drilling into masonry
Similarly in case of cleaning areas that needed pressure wash like your vehicle, B&D offers an unbelievable range in the pressure washer products that are suited to clean moderate to heavily soiled surfaces like that of a car, tiles in the garden path or the garage shutters.

A powerful & heavy duty washer from Black & Decker with Induction motor for smooth & continuous run.
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