Monday, 17 June 2013

Gardening and DIY - Black & Decker, India

It’s summer time for most of us, and this is a great time to spend hours in our gardens. The monsoons are starting off, and our plants are all getting new growth and everything is looking lush and green and beautiful. Gardening can sometimes turn into an expensive exercise, especially if we keep on buying new containers and equipment. Here are some ways in which you can repurpose and use DIY to meet your gardening needs:

Containers: If you keep an eye out, anything can serve as a container or pot for gardening. Old pots, buckets and crates from the fruit vendor can all be used in place of pots. The adventurous few could even visit the local “raddi” vendor to find large plastic containers that do very well for a garden. If using a material like wood, make sure to line it with a thick plastic lining such as tarpaulin to keep it as water proof as possible, and don’t forget to drill a few holes in the bottom for water drainage.

Gardening equipment: Did you know that you can make your own watering can from an old plastic container? This is a good tutorial to try out. A lot of other items such as scissors, knives, brushes can all be put to good use in your garden, after they have run out of use in the home. For the interested DIYers here’s a great way to make your own garden rake – may take a little time but worth it.

Stands: When most of your garden is in pots, it can get tough to keep them from staining your floor. You can repurpose kitchen shelves as stands for smaller pots, and for the bigger ones you can even make your own. If you don’t feel ready for that metalworking yet, design it according to your specifications and get it made from your local metal furniture craftsperson.

Black & Decker provides you a range of tools that helps you DIY in an effortless way. We also have garden tools for your landscaped spaces! Do take a look at:

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