Friday, 21 June 2013

How B&D has made our lives easier - Black & Decker, India

“Hit the nail on the head” used to be a common phrase, but we don’t hear it much nowadays, at least where DIY is concerned. Ever wonder why? We think it maybe because we have amazing tools such as the Electric Drill Kit from Black & Decker and that has made the action of using a hammer to hit the nail on the head a completely obsolete activity J. We started wondering which other activities have undergone a big change after the advent of power tools thanks to pioneering companies like B&D:

Vacuuming: The early vacuum cleaners used to be heavy and unwieldy machines, and using these could nearly be counted as a sort of exercise. Now you have the light, cordless and even great looking vacuum cleaners such as the Orb-it, that will probably even double up as a showpiece when you leave it to charge.

Painting: If this still brings an image of a brush and a can of paint to mind, you will be amazed at the change B&D has brought to this area. Not content with the ease that a roller provides over a brush, we decided to make the roller even more advanced. Our RapidRoller comes with a paint dispenser so that you will not see those ugly spots and splatters any more!

Floor cleaning: The revolutionary Steam Mop is a very efficient way to clean floors, so much easier than the standard mop and bucket regime. Not just the ease of use, but eco-friendly too as it uses just steam - there’s not much more you can expect from a floor-cleaning device. 

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